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Top Battery Saver Apps To Optimize Your Device

If smartphones are a boon to humanity, their battery is the invincible dent that none of us is a fan of. Short battery life and battery drain are some of the major issues that we face daily with our smartphones.

Some unnecessary apps running in the background takes a lot of battery life. Besides, malware, deceptive ads, and battery hog tracking apps are also among the reasons for sucking the batter.

If you are among those facing all this, then you have come to the right place. In this post, we are going to discuss ten of the best battery saver apps that can extend your smartphone’s battery life effectively.


10 Best Battery Saver Apps 


1. DU Battery Saver

DU Battery Saver is one of the most popular battery saver apps on Android that has fetched thousands of downloads. It helps in boosting the battery life of your smartphone up to 50%, whereas, with its pro-version, the battery life can lift to 70%.

  • Provides healthy and fast charging
  • The “Optimize” button helps in finding and solving the problem within a touch
  • It comes with a pre-set battery power management mode, and you can also create your own customized mode


2. Battery Doctor (Battery Saver)

The app is developed by Cheetah Mobile, which is best known for applications like Battery Doctor and Clean Master. The app claims to boost the battery back up to 50%. With Battery Doctor, you can,

  • Adjust mobile settings and run it with optimization for better battery life
  • Offers 3 stage charging system for quick and effective charging
  • The task killer option helps you to kill tasks that are running unnecessarily to improvise battery life
  • Brightness control and power-saving modes available for different situations


3. GO Battery Saver and Power Widget

Every Android user must be aware of the Go Battery Saver app. It is one of the most popular battery saving apps available on the Google Play Store and comes with some salient features including,

  • One-click battery power optimization
  • Includes power-saving mode, smart saving, toggle control, power testing, etc
  • Offers a healthy and fast battery charging


4. One Touch Battery Saver

The One Touch Battery Saver offers a straightforward and effective interface that helps in boosting your battery life. The app comes with a predefined and customizable power save mode so that you can use it when your battery is about to die. Some of the distinctive features of the app include.

  • Power saver mode to work in an emergency when your battery gets drained
  • The Power saver mode disables WiFi, background notification light, GPS, Bluetooth, etc


5. Power Battery- Battery Saver

Once you install this app, your phone will get a power booster that will increase the power saver up to 60%. The app helps in maintaining a better proportion of battery life for your daily routine work. The other salient features of the app include,

  • Charging booster
  • Running-app optimizer
  • Battery power monitor
  • Memory manager and clean
  • The Power saver and booster profiles are customizable as per the requirement


6. Avast Battery Saver

Avast is known for PC security as it lends Antivirus software for both PC and smartphones. However, the renowned name also offers free battery-saving apps for Android devices.

The app works with phone settings including Internet connection, screen timeout, brightness, etc. Its other features are,

  • The app gives an accurate estimate of the remaining battery life
  • It offers battery optimized smart profiles based on time, battery level, and location
  • It can also detect those apps that are consuming more power and deactivates them permanently. You can find this feature under App Consumption.


7. Battery Optimizer and Cleaner

A product of Intel, Battery Optimizer & Cleaner is a battery saver app, a perfect fit for Android operated devices. The app includes some salient features like,

  • Junk and app cleaner
  • Data manager
  • One-tap booster
  • Clean up RAM and storage and monitor mobile data usage


8. 360 Battery

Considered as one of the best Android battery saver apps, 360 Battery includes features for battery time monitoring, battery charging time, and power saver mode. The app offers many other dazzling features that are listed below,

  • Provides all the necessary and relevant battery information
  • Calculates the stand-by time
  • Selects power-saving operations for maximum battery backup
  • Monitors different phases of battery charging
  • The one-tap optimizer automatically repairs battery draining issues and optimizes your android device


9. Dr. Battery

Your smartphone’s battery can last for long with Dr. Battery as it optimizes your device’s settings and apps. It stops the background apps for better performance of your device. Some of the eminent features of Dr. Battery include,

  • Monitors fast and efficient battery charging
  • Clean up junk files and memory to boost the device’s speed
  • A dedicated phone cooler that ensures the phone doesn’t get overheated

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10. PowerPro

PowerPro is a unique mobile battery booster app. It shuts down all the apps running in the background that are inactive so that your phone’s performance doesn’t get hindered due to the battery issue. Other prominent features of PowerPro include,

  • Reduces screen’s brightness up to 33% without compromising with visibility and performance.
  • Offers different profiles for the battery saving needs
  • The app comes with a battery cooler to prevent your device from overheating.


Time to wrap up: 

So, here are some of the best battery saver apps available for both Android and iOS devices. If you are a heavy user of your smartphone and its battery drains regularly, try any of these apps and help yourself get an optimized performance with your smartphone.

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