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Top 10 Alternatives To The Most Popular Apps

Mobile apps have been embracing and dominating the smartphone marketing structure with some revolutionary changes. If we talk solely about the Indian market, it is expected that by 2022, there will be 44.2 crores of smartphones in India, which means there will be a surge in mobile applications as well.

There are apps for almost everything and every need, and it is just a matter of time when people start to realize its worth. After the COVID-19 outrage, countries, including India, opted to ban Chinese apps that led to the emergence of many alternative apps that we never even heard off. However, in this post, we will be discussing many of these alternative apps that have forged their way into the market to establish themselves. So without any further ado, let us start with the compilation.


Best Alternatives To The Most Popular Apps


1. YouTube- Alternative for TikTok

The short video making Chinese app was among the most used apps in India. The app has long been criticized because a lot of its content depicts animal cruelty and other objectionable content to exploit children. Hence, the best alternative to this short video making app is Google’s stand-alone video creating and posting platform YouTube.

With YouTube, you can create videos and post them instantly. To post content, all you need is a Google account.


2. Signal- Alternative for WhatsApp

When it comes to privacy in chatting platforms, there is nothing better than WhatsApp. They are well-known for their end-to-end encryption.- This means that calls or messages can’t be intercepted by a third-party when going from one user to another.

However, many still doubt its encryption technology, and this led to the surge in the use of an app named Signal that works on the exact encryption technology used in WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger, but with additional features to boot. Its additional features include,

  • Screenshot blocking
  • Self-destructing messages
  • A non-learning keyboard
  • Option for adding a password to access your files

3. Google Chrome- Alternative for UC Browser

UC Browser is a Chinese browser owned by Alibaba that got banned in India in the rage of Boycotting Chinese products. It was a simple browser that offered different themes, download options, high-speed performance, etc.

There have been endless stories grudging over the fact that the browser has vulnerabilities and stealing private data to an unknown server in China. There are far better browsers than UC like, Mozilla, Google Chrome, and Opera who do not leak your private information and are highly secured to use.

4. InShot- Alternative for Viva Video

Viva Video is a video editing app developed by another Chinese household QuVideo. The app fell short in providing security, and that is the reason why it didn’t gain much popularity.

There’s another app in the Play Store market that offers a similar vertical interface with the same tools including trim, split, add music, merge, stickers, filter, and effects, etc.

5. Picsart- Alternative for Beauty Plus

Beauty Plus has also faced the heat of boycott Chinese products and is no longer available on Google Play Store in India. It was a photo editing app that comprised many filters to beautify an image.

Picsart is a close alternative to Beauty Plus as the former offers similar features including, beauty filters, stickers, makeup effects, and much more.

6. Fortnite- Alternative for PUBG

A subsidiary of a Korean game developer, PUBG was one of the most popular mobile games played in India before its ban. However, the ardent gamers can experience the thrill of PUBG to some extent with Fortnite.

Fortnite also offers multi-player gaming, and its graphics are immersive too. The game gives an enthralling experience to a great extent.

7. Files by Google- Alternative for SHAREit

SHAREit proved to be a benchmark for all the data-sharing platforms as it gained immense popularity ever since its inception. Like many other apps, SHAREit too is a product of China. The app was running well, but all of a sudden decided to shift its base into content creation. Besides, SHAREIt was found with two security vulnerabilities that allowed attackers to download content from a user’s device by evading the device authentication mechanism.

This forced users to opt for other platforms, and one of these platforms was Files by Google. The application is compatible with both Android and iOS devices, and its file transferring speed can go up to 150 Mbps.

8. Adobe Scan- Alternative for CamScanner

Scanning a document was literally easy with CamScanner. However, after the app got banned in India under Boycot Chona products, people were on the lookout for a better scanning app.

Their hunt took a break with Adobe Scan. The app offers batch mode and crisp scanning just like CamScanner, Edge detection, OCR, and many more advanced features.

9. WhatsApp- Alternative for WeChat

The Chinese chatting app WeChat designed by Tencent made all the right noises due to its brilliant features. The app offered all-in-one messaging, social media, and mobile payment. However, its only loophole was its volatile security.

Security concerns led to the downfall in the downloads of the app, and then there was the ever-so-reliable WhatsApp that was trusted right from the start.

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10. Norton App Lock- Alternative for App Lock

The last app to make the list is Norton App Lock. It is the alternative for the App Lock launched by DoMobile and was one of the highly-rated apps of that time. The only loophole in the app, however, was that its privacy policy states that the app may read your photos, media, and other files and use the mobile camera and microphone if required. – This is something undigestable for an app locker.

However, these constraints weren’t a worry with Norton App Lock. The app offers you to lock applications with either PIN, pattern, or fingerprint scanner. You also get parental control along with a sneak peek feature. The app is free to download and use.


Time to wrap up: 

I am sure the aforementioned names will trim down your efforts of searching for the best alternatives to some of the most commonly used apps. Get going with the list and tell us in the comment section which alternative app you liked the most.

Akshay Singh is a Senior Content Writer at MobileAppDiary. He has drooled over various topics ranging from App development, Gaming, Technology, and others in a career nearing 3 years. Having a strong academic background in writing makes him a creative, sharp, thoughtful, and intellectual writer. He is always looking forward to exploring new genres and believes firmly in the learning process.

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