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Best Apps For Downloading Instagram Images And Videos

“When there’s a will, there’s a way”. This ancient saying is applicable to different aspects of life and will always hold its significance in the future. I am relating this saying with Instagram. Ever since the inception of Instagram among the social media facet, users had the feature of posting images and videos, but could never download the same. If you like an image and want to download it, the only way out is to take a screenshot and clip it later.

To ease down all these chores, I am going to share the best applications available for downloading images and videos from Instagram. If you are still juggling with the question ‘how to download pics and videos from Instagram? ‘, I’ve got your back.

So without any further ado, have a look at my compilation of the 10 best Instagram videos downloading apps and photo downloading apps.


10 Best Instagram Images And Videos  Downloading Apps

1. Video Downloader- for Instagram Repost App

Perhaps the best downloader which is rated 4.8 on Google Play Store. With Video Downloader, one can easily download images and videos and also IGTV content.

You just have to open the post that you tend to download, copy its URL, and paste in the Video Downloader App. That’s it, your favorite picture or video is downloaded.

2. +Download 4 Instagram Twitter

Available exclusively on the Android platform, +Download 4 s another application that allows you to download videos and images from Instagram, Tumblr, Vine, and Twitter. You can easily download images from a particular post on Twitter, but for downloading videos, you need an external application.

The process is again the same you just have to copy the URL of the Instagram that you wish to download and paste it in the +Download 4 application and you are done.

3. FastSave for Instagram

Another application that allows you to download photos and videos from Instagram. It has over 10 million downloads on Google Play Store and its features include;

  • It allows you to save multiple photos and videos.
  • Attractive dashboard to manage quick saved photos and videos.
  • You can fetch detail of users by long press on photo or video.
  • You can secure your downloaded items by locking them in a secret locker.
  • Quick saved stories can be viewed in a bar at the top of the main screen.

4. IV Saver for Instagram

A super easy to use app which lets you download an image, video, and albums from Instagram. With IV Saver, you can also repost your Instagram videos/Instagram IGTV videos or photos. This app also offers a secret locker, wherein, you can easily secure your saved photos and videos.

To use this application, you need to follow the mentioned steps,

  • Turn on IV saver and open Instagram.
  • Do “Copy Share Url” of photos and videos you want to download.
  • The content will automatically start downloading and the progress will be shown in the drop-down notification bar.

5. Regrammer

This is one application specifically for iOS users. Considered as best Instagram photos downloading apps, you can easily download photos and videos from Regrammer. The task is simple, just copy the URL of the post you want to download and paste it on Regrammer. The app also lets you repost IGTV videos.

6. Photo and Video Downloader for Instagram- Repost IG

Rated 4.8 on Google Play Store and with more than 10 million downloads, this application is among the best for photos, stories, videos, and Instagram reels.

There are two methods to download i.e, by using ‘Share Link’ and by using ‘Copy Link’. Once your link is copied you can paste it in the app and download your content, whereas, while using the share link feature click on the photo or video you wish to download and select Photo and Video Downloader for Instagram to share and your download will start automatically.

7. Saver Reposter For Instagram

With Saver Reposter the user can easily copy text, copy hashtags, save images and videos from various Instagram posts.

The key features or Saver Reposter are,

  • It provides a copy of the post’s description.
  • Copies descriptions without hashtags and copy only hashtags from posts description.
  • The app also supports background download.

8. Repost for Instagram- Regrann

Available for the Android platform, Repost for Instagram has been rated with 4.7 stars and has over 5 million downloads. This is among the fastest apps to repost and save Instagram photos and videos.

Its prominent features include reposting pictures/videos in a matter of time without leaving the app you can enable or disable watermarks as per your needs, and it lets also lets to add signatures.

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9. Quick Save

One more application that lets you download photos and videos is Quick Save. The only this which separates it from its competitors is the unique in-built feature that lets you edit images and videos using editing tools and numerous filters. To enhance the experience, you can also go for grid styling and photo-splits.

To download, you can use the “Copy Share URL” and launch it on the app.

10. InstaGet: Image and Video Download

An easy way to download videos and images from Instagram. It’s a safe and lightweight application that offers safe download speed.

To download, you need to follow these steps,

  • Open Instagram and click the three dots icon on the post which you want to download.
  • Tap the copy link option from there and InstaGet will automatically show up and will start downloading the media file.


Here’s the solution for all your Instagram download related problems. By using any of the aforementioned tools or applications, you can easily download your favorite image and videos anytime.

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