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In this modern world, data security and encryption are the most vital things while text messaging with others. Technological advancement is pretty much profitable for hackers that enable them to hack and misuse the private conversation between two or more people. Hence, over the world, all people need to be more careful when sharing confidential data between colleagues, friends, and family. It might lead to a new set of problems for our near future. In terms of avoiding those hackers’ maleficent activities, people must use secret texting apps that come with exciting encrypted features. 

These days, the usage of these kinds of secret messaging apps is in high demand which allows users to share their media, information, and documents in an encrypted way. Here in the following, 10 best secret texting platforms are mentioned that you should never miss in 2021. 

  • Telegram:

Telegram is the best secret texting app where you can get end-to-end encryption features. Here, people who want to share their information can use this app by texting messages without having any panic of any third party or any hacker. It is the safest messaging app that is clinically designed with modern features and security settings. Users have the power to set a time limit for disappearing videos, messages, and other media files.  

  • Viber:

One of the top-listed private chat texting app Viber is widely famous with more than millions of user bases globally. The maintenance and support services of Viber ensure to always keep clean from security violations and bugs. Features that are interlinked in the app will permit users to get a high-quality calling experience as well as security and safety measures.   

  • Silence:

Silence is one of the most secret texting platforms that primarily developed for Android users where users can apply SMS and MMS settings under a single roof. People can even make contact with their colleagues, friends, and family without having any headaches.

  • WhatsApp:

Since 2016, conversations and communication happened and still happening from WhatsApp are all secured. According to a report, almost 2 million users are operating this magnificent app as it is able to move aside malicious hackers and impostors. It has an end-to-end encryption system that increases the privacy between users it can easily fit any small to a large-sized device.   

  • Wire:

In this trendy world, most organizations and brands are in search of a platform that can make users’ communication secure. They are balancing a huge number of confidential documents and deals. This is the reason there is an opportunity that their competitors might take over their brand name in this society. In such scenarios, you need to use this wire app where you get a chance to transmit the data with needed encryption settings and features.   

  • Dust:

The messages that you will do over Dust will be transmitted and remain highly encrypted. Here people get a wonderful choice to delete messages or media even on the recipient’s smartphones. Most importantly your shared data or information will never store on any server over this app. 

  • CoverMe:

CoverMe is a wonderful privacy option that helps users to make texts and calls with high-end security. Here organizations are designing a strongly encrypted system that utilizes advanced methodologies. You can also put a safeguard or additional password that is an in-build feature in this app to secure information sharing.    

  • CYPHR:

CYPHR is a widely famous texting app for its quality security features. Many organizations ranging from small to large levels all installed this app and share their information safely.  This app is called a Zero-knowledge messaging app. 

  • Threema:

Threema is a well-familiarised messaging app that comes with an end-to-end encrypted security system. It’s increased features integrated with wonderful application that restricts third parties or hackers to get enter in your shared calls and messages. It is a beneficial and trustworthy app for business usage.


  • Line:

The Line was not at first encrypted but when it appears with an end-to-end encryption system, users number have increased dramatically here. Here is a special feature called “letter sealing” that has the ability to secure the details shared between receiver and sender.

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