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Writing a blog or email or whatever the form, you might find hard without having any right application. It arises a certain question of how to write better quality writing posts with the help of correct writing tools. However, the most important thing is which are the best writing apps that can make your composition shipshape. 

In this writing post, we are going to answer the question by rendering the most effective writing apps of 2021. Keeping in mind writers’ requirements, we have divided this writing apps category into three divisions writing apps, focus apps, and editing apps. It helps you to understand which app will better suit your writing need. 

Now let’s get straight into it-

  • Reedsy Book Editor:

Writers always search for a discerning distraction-free simple writing interface that engraves your all work into a professional standard. With the simply navigable and stylish UI, the Reedsy Book editor writing app could become your first preference. Here you can easily drag any chapter and drop, add images, and even change tracks to check past works. These such features you even cannot find many high-end paid writing tools.  It enables you to do advanced formatting tasks and create both back and front matter intricately. 

  • Scrivener:

Novel or essay or any other long-form writers should go for Scrivener writing app for an extensive, organized interface. This app will help you to streamline and manage everything in an incredibly decent way. Here you can select a template according to your projects’ need and you can run it on all Windows, Mac, and iOS devices. In the advanced feature segment, you can track your previously created materials including back/front matter, and research work. 

  • Ulysses:

In a first watch, Ulysses might seems Scrivener, but deep scrutiny discloses that they serve various working interests and professional levels. If you as a writer want more productivity in a short period of time then your choice should be Ulysses. This app serves different features and tutorials that support your writing interests. 

  • Plottr:

Plottr is one of the most efficient plotting software that can easily rule all writing departments. Writers are seeking a particular application that can help people to write spontaneously and smartly. Plottr developed to perform on different purpose writing platforms and it helps you to outline your writing. This intuitive UI enables you to color-coordinate, re-arrange, filter, and visually organize your writings. 

  • iA Writer:

If simplicity is your prime focus then IA Writer could be your writing solution where you can put employs the Markdown feature for formatting. This interface is simple and can naturally be integrated into your app screen. You can concentrate on your writing and here you can apply different features including syntax highlighter, dark mode, and parts of speech correction. 

  • yWriter:

yWriter comes free of cost and runs only on Windows that writers could use to divide their stories into different bite pieces. A well-framed user interface along with a progress tracking feature makes this app a useful one among the writers. It can easily divide your story into different scenes rather than any chapter to checking your narrative, you can get the storyboard feature. 

  • Storyist:

If you are a screenwriter then you must consider the Storyist writing app that offers a concrete foundation for writing novels, stage plays, and screenplays. Here, you can develop a high-quality script template where every single line produces you to select character, action, and dialogue. It supports both iOS and Mac devices.

  • Final Draft:

The Final Draft app is a professional screenwriter app that helps you to scale up your productivity and quality at writing and it can also be used by beginners. It comes with standard features like collaboration, comments, analysis of content along line-by-line formatting. Now you can track the elements of your story and measure your characters’ traits by using this app’s inclusive analysis function. 

  • Grammarly:

Grammarly is one of the most renowned writing apps that anyone can run on the web including different browser extension comes free of cost. It is a grammar checker and go-to-spelling word processor app. Writers who want to improve their diction, grammar, and spelling mistakes can definitely take the help of this Grammarly app. Here you can also set different categories in “set gaols” to meet your target audience, tone, font clarity, engagement, and writing formality level.


  • ProWritingAid:

ProWritingAid is another wonderful writing app that comes in both free and paid versions available on Windows, Web, and Mac devices. This app directly points to your writing errors and helps you to enhance your writing flow by reducing the number of passive voices and filtering words. Here you will get different analysis methods such as sentence structure, auto-generated vocabulary, and more. 

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