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Non-accountants have found an impressive path to balance SMEs and minor business finances with the most cost-effective billing apps in 2021. All they have done is incorporated top-ranked invoicing and billing applications for easy handling of their businesses. However, there is uncountable software in the market that counts alternative to each other. Now the most important question is which one will perfectly suit your taste and how can you figure out the right one for your trade?

Don’t worry! We are here to ease your work by listing down the 10 best billing apps for entrepreneurs, businessmen, and freelancers in 2021.

Top 10 Best Invoicing Apps of 2021


BrandsStarting Price
Zoho Invoice$0.00
Square Invoices$0.00
Sage Business Cloud Accounting$10.00/month
QuickBooks Online$25.00/month


1. FreshBooks:

FreshBooks is a diverse application field where everyone can work including businessmen to freelancers with a dozen workers. In this billing app, you can cover any of the following tasks-

  • Build up automated recurring customer billing.
  • Avail notification whenever any customer receives or deposits their invoices.
  • You can list down your all tasks and directly transfer the expenses invoices.  

2. Zoho Books:

Like other products of Zoho, this small invoicing app can offer a lot more than what you expect. Besides the automated recurring invoicing, in every single Zoho invoice plan, you can have exciting features like expense tracking, time tracking, automated payment reminders, and multi-currency support.

3. Wave:

Wave delivers two various invoicing apps, one is for people who want to send invoices namely Wave invoicing, and another one for payment acceptance called Payments by Wave. However, you will not have to pay any penny for these two.

4. Square:

If you send invoices in a frequent manner, then Square’s billing app is an ideal one for you. You can transfer invoices free of cost as it has not any monthly subscription plan. Now you can transfer estimates on the way or you have the permission to accept any kind of payment. However, remember one thing though this is one of the best invoicing apps it does not support ACH payments.


5. Sage Business Cloud Accounting:

Sage Business Cloud Accounting has able to set a benchmark among other invoicing apps for its amazing user-friendly dashboard and easy accounting reports. whenever you open up this app you will see your invoices, estimates, quotes, net sales, outstandings, and a bunch of different handy information.

6. Xero:

Are you seeking a full-fledged invoicing and billing solution at an affordable price? Then Xero billing app is the right product for you as it is just available for $11.00/month. Now, with Xero, you can send 20 invoices to five billable customers in a month at the most cost-effective price.

7. QuickBooks Online:

QuickBooks is a familiar name among the best billing applications, but most of the products and services of QuickBooks are far away from the reasonable software on the block. However, if you get any QuickBooks Payments with the existing QuickBooks Online subscription then the transaction fee will be fully affordable.

8. Hiveage:

Among all the above-mentioned billing and invoicing applications, Hiveage is the most versatile option for online payment. It has dozen of online gateway supports such as Authorize.Net, PayPal, Braintree, Stripe, and so on.

9. FreeAgent:

FreeAgent has standout its name among the crowd by presenting professional-looking templates of the invoice that is missing in most of the invoice apps. It has eight different customized invoice templates that make your task easy to handle customers and business.

10. Tipalti:      

Tipalti billing app specially made for the demands of the mid-market audience but you cannot run this app for any small businesses, especially in any B2B international operations. However, out of all the applications, Tipalti gives you the best-in-class extensive and technically billing app solution.

In the end, we can say that appropriate billing and invoicing software works impressively to maintain the cash flow, bill payments, and accept invoices. Hence, you must keep your requirements and supporting features into consideration while choosing the best billing and invoicing app.

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