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It is hard to write a blog, email, or complete novel writing without taking the help of any tool. This might arise an important question which apps are top-notch in writing best-in-class essays for 2021? In order to get this answer, you need to keep in touch with us till the end of this writing. 

In this writing post, we will divide high-end writing apps into three different categories based on essay writing apps, editing, and focus apps. Writing on Microsoft Word or Google Docs is fine for professionals but they might flourish their writing skills with special attention from the finest writing apps in 2021. 

Let’s start it! 

  • Reedsy Book Editors:

Modern authors and writers firstly ranked Reedsy Book Editor for its simple navigable formatting alternatives and sleek easy UI. Here you can change track to compare your writing with past versions, insert images, drag, and drop chapters.  It’s a time-saving app for its inbuild formatting feature and it has intricate back and front matter. 

  • Scrivener:

Scrivener is an outstanding app for choosing the correct template for your essay, novel, screenplay, etc. writing and provides long-term writers an elaborated arranged UI. In the left-hand sidebar, you will have digital notecards and sections for arranging different elements. It runs on Windows, iOS, and Mac devices for both a 30-days Free trial and a $45 license pack.  

  • Ulysses:

Ulysses almost seems like Scrivener but it is far different from it in respect to offering features for various interests and experience levels. Though it only supports iOS and Mac devices, it is primarily familiar with for steep learning curve feature. Rather than using manual formatting, it applies the “Markdown” feature for immediate correction. 

  • iA Writer:

iA Writer is often compared to Ulysses as it both have a “Markdown” feature to ensure correct formatting. However, in iA Writer, you will have a clean and simple user interface and it can be more automatically integrated into your screen. It is best for writers who like simplicity and whose prime focus is to concentrate on writing. It supports Windows, Mac, and iOS devices and you can have a 14days Free trial pack to use this app. 

  • yWriter:

Revolving to the non-Apple things, we have come with yWriter like an essay writing app developed for Windows users. yWriters possesses a well-arranged user interface that helps you to divide your story into different scenes rather than any chapter. It is less stressful for beginners and simple hobbyist writers. This is an amazing app for calculating narrative arc and checking daily word count generating ability.  

  • Storyist:

There are several screenplay essay writing apps in the market, but Storyist serves as a concrete foundation to write a novel. In any stage play or screenplay project, this app works tremendously. This app supports both iOS and Mac devices with a 15days trial pack and a $59.99 license pack. Here, you will have options to choose from arranging settings, characters, and images through side tabs that might seem useful for screenwriters. 

  • Final Draft:

Final Draft is an exceptional programmed app for beginners like you and it also pretty useful for professional essay and screenwriters to upskill their writing passion. Along with line-by-line formatting and different quality scriptwriting features, Final Draft delivers unlimited alternatives for collaborations, comments, and content analysis. With the help of the analysis feature, you can monitor and measure the standard of your story element and its character’s traits. This comes with a 30-days Free trial pack along with a $249.99 license pack.    

  • Grammarly:

Grammarly is a top-class grammar checking and go-to spelling standard online writing app. Like other good editing apps, it also underlines your incorrect word or sentence, and weak phases in the essay writing. However, Grammarly offers something more from the rest by showing detailed information for any single writing flaw. It helps you to learn from your mistakes and here you can set your own goals to prefer target audience, tone, and formality level. You can run it over any web browser without paying any fees

  • ProWritingAid:

Though we often compare ProWritingAid with Grammarly app, its editing level creates a new holistic height. However, it also strikes out your common writing mistakes but it provides important suggestions to writers to become flawless essay writers with an easy-to-go flow. It helps to decrease passive voice and filter various words to motivate long-term writers in blooming individual creative writing style. You will get Windows, Web, and Mac devices support from this app.


  • Hemingway:

Hemingway is a clever homage and useful tool in the 2021 century for essay writers. This app supports you to make your writing compact and sweet, as it provides feedback on word usage, sentence length, adverbs, and passive voice to rectify your writing issues and make it effective. It is an appropriate app for authors who love simplicity and value crispy writing. It comes with both Free and $19.99 license fee packs for Windows, Web, and Mac devices.

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