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Healthcare was the most crucial and important concern so far throughout 2020. After the sheer havoc of COVID-19, the healthcare services in different countries have drastically moved and been revealed in front of everyone in the world. After this devastating healthcare problem, all governments and people have got serious about their personal health condition. They always want to keep updated with health and take up this matter within their hands.  In this regard, smartphone technology, and digital healthcare apps creating impressive services.

We have seen how tirelessly 24/7 many technocrats are working hard to discover a new solution to introduce healthcare professionals and doctors over digital mediums during this social-distancing time. 

Now, we will highlight 10 top-notch healthcare applications for instant doctor appointments and consultation online. Let’s start it! 

  • Generis:

Diabetes is becoming a general disease for all. A diabetes patient knows better how pathetic to encounter the pain and struggle without having test strips or glucose tablets. In this case, Generis offers a common consultation and safety measurements who are suffering from diabetes. 

In Generis, one can also get suggestive food recommendations. Customers can also customize their plans according to their requirements. It also serves community support and advice from its multiple forums.

  • Teladoc:

In our organized healthcare app list, most will bring the best physicians to your doorstep, but it is pretty tough to find out a specialist catering their service at a patient’s house. However, it is possible by Teladoc, as it provides 24/7 online consultation by expert surgeons and doctors on different severe diseases like radiology, neurology, and gastrology.  Apart from this, it also offers you a prescription, update medical history. Moreover, 24/7 ‘talk to a doctor’ facility on different health issues. 

  • Med&Beyond Telehealth:

One of the most popular healthcare app Med&Beyond Telehealth serves a wide variety of telemedicine services 24/7.  You can also use this app for free consultations and checkups without going outside. 

It has different features included like follow-up health care service, round a clock check-up, etc. 

  • Epocrates:

There are many telehealth application in the market offers numerous healthcare services, but Epocrates is primely concentrated on patients who are struggling with a serious chronic disorder.    

You can rely on this app completely as it holds high users’ feedback and ratings on App Store and Google Play Store. It is a remarkable app that offers 600+ calculator tools, medical references along with a drug checking tool for drug interaction.  

  • PEPID:

There is only one person who can expose the suggestive meaning behind the mysterious handwriting of a doctor is a pharmacist. Now with PEPID online healthcare app, people can contact pharmacists for various medical references, medications, prescription processes, and refill medications.  It has numerous features including medical calculators, auto-correct and search tool, notes creation save history. 

  • UpToDate:

UpToDate is a specialist online healthcare app for pregnant women. It wins over every booming healthcare app in the marketplace. It has amazing new features like belly selfie programs, pregnancy trackers, and diet managers. You will have more options like auto-completion and easy search options. Moreover, you will also get a medical calculator, bookmarks, and maintain history features.

  • OptoView:

There are many online healthcare applications available in the market that provide different services on a different disease, but it is specialized eyesight online care app. This app offers records and refers exams on the retina to measure and understand the eye condition.  Features like fundamental care record, local eye specialist prescription, and you can scan your retina with a single touch on your smartphone. 

  • AirStrip:

The airStrip is completely a free healthcare application to track health conditions during maternity time. All patients need to activate pregnancy-related healthcare advice reminders and get free healthcare messages. It offers 24*7 stats and waveform data of maternal contraction structures and fatal heartbeat. 

  • Medici:

The CEO and founder of Medici bring this app with the approach of effective online healthcare development. It considers patients to visit a doctor online within a couple of minutes and give less visit price than any hospital. You can download this app for a plethora range of medical support. It also offers an insurance feature along with direct doctor consultation via video and audio calls.  


  •  Doctor On Demand:

Doctor On Demand is an all-pervasive usage healthcare app in the market. You can appoint a doctor for non-emergency treatment like cold and flu, urinary infections, allergies, heartburn, upper respiratory infections, sports injuries, pediatric problems, and back pain issues. It supports an insurance coverage plan, checks doctor’s fees before visiting time, and more you can schedule a visit according to your convenience.  There is no need to pay monthly subscription charges to get in touch with a doctor 24*7.

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