Thursday, June 1, 2023
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With the arrival of driverless advanced cars to the IoT expansion sphere, this modern technology is all about intending life easier and saving users time. However, the reality often seems very different. According to the Guardia report, in the UK three-quarters of people said they perceived submerged in the previous year by stress at some point. It indicates that technology is not fulfilling all requirements of a general automated feature. 

Today we are going to display some of the top-class useful life-hacking apps available on both iOS and Android that can simplify your daily work life. So let’s get a look at those apps that will help you to reach your goal with ease. 

  • Dark Sky:

The weather forecast has always been a useful application to plan events but the time delay and accuracy issue make it a subject of uncertainty. However, with this Dark Sky app, you will be updated with exact weather conditions because it forecasts minute-by-minute weather reports. It has also stability and new location adding features. 

  • Mint:

Managing money is a very important factor for human beings and apps like Mints can support you to see your money at a glimpse without counting the numbers. Starting from credit cards, bank accounts to investments in all financial activities you can get a monitoring eye without indulging your brain.  It is a both time and money-saving app that keeps your money secure. 

  • Flush:

Often we see traveling seems to be a daunting thing to do. However, the most useful Flush crowdsourced app can eliminate your all worries. It can show you thousands of public toilets on your smartphone so that you never feel short even in offline mode. It also helps you to find the nearest restrooms for the public and you can get 200,000 and more toilets from its network that works across the world.  

  • HelloFresh:

After a long day of work, it becomes tedious to buy groceries and monotonous to enter the kitchen for cooking meals. HelloFresh is the only solution to such issues where you can order your meal from thousands of customizable recipes. It will give you the amount of an accurate ingredient along with saving the grocery items buying time. 

  • My Fitness Pal:

A report saying that nearly 92% of people are currently struggling to do weight loss and often they got frustrated because of the lack of motivation. My Fitness Pal could be your fitness trainer and help you to keep on a diet with a healthy daily routine. It can track your calorie intake and other fitness activities for 7 days continuously.  

  • Evernote:

Our next app Evernote is not only required for dealing with ‘paperworks’ but it also supports users to monitor their everyday documents and they can access those papers from anywhere. It can help you to capture your ideas and create on-the-go notes and you can attach more images, pdf, doc files with them. It enables you to get easy access to journals. 

  • Secure VPN:

VPN is widely familiar for getting geo-restriction around on different streaming services including Netflix, YouTube, Amazon Prime, and more to keep up with its latest TV shows. Secure VPN can save your data private and make yourself secret from others. It allows you to access all types of proxy servers and help you to access web platforms along with restricted websites visit from any corner of the world.   

  • Google Calendar:

A calendar app like Google Calendar can always make you organized whether arrange a meeting or attending a conference. This application comes with a simple and straightforward interface with great functionality including notifications, alerts, reminders, meeting schedule, and contact syncing. 

  • Libby:

Reading books is always been a common passion for most people. Here Libby comes to intensify your passion a bit more to make you relax and stress-free after day-long work. It can help users to borrow and read books as well as audiobooks from its local library. You have options to choose from a huge range of book collections and you can also download to read offline.


  •  Netflix:

Netflix is one of the most famous and useful daily life app, especially for youngsters. With 100 million+ subscribers, Netflix is just dominating the OTT content creating platform world that offers original TV shows and movies. You can get several devices’ support along with a FREE 30-day trial package for having unlimited entertainment. You will a vast range of options to choose from different movies and web series that come under an affordable subscription charge.

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