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Lite Apps Available For Android

Lite apps are gaining popularity and becoming mainstream on the Google Play Store.- This is because these apps are instrumental, and if you are facing internet issues or wish to save more battery, these apps are really helpful.

For people who are low on budget and can’t afford a high-end device, these apps are one for the Android Go phones. The people who are unaware of Android Go, it is a trimmed version of Android that is tailor-made for devices having 1GB or less RAM. So if you have an Android Go device, lite apps are what you need. In this post, we will be discussing 10 of the best lite apps that are best suited for Android GO.


10 Best Lite Apps For Android


1. Facebook Lite

To start this list, we have Facebook’s lite version. Regardless of having over a billion downloads, Facebook for Android is notorious for trimming down the speed of our smartphone. A more expedient option here would be the Facebook Lite app.

It is a lightweight application sized around 1.39 MB and covers almost every feature of the Facebook application. It’s fast, saves battery and chunks of data.


2. Twitter Lite

Another social media app that has its lite version is Twitter. The lite version of Twitter runs all the time without hurting the data cap much. The app is fast and data-friendly, which lends almost the same experience. Whether it is an Android Go or any other device, this application covering less than 3MB works terrifically.


3. Google Go

The most popular search engine Google offers a lite version in the name of Google Go. The app functions similarly to the main Google application displaying highly-optimized results, and at the same time, saves up to 40% of mobile data. The app is also tried and tested for speed, and the users haven’t complained regarding the same.


4. Google Maps Go

Google Maps Go is the lighter version of Google Maps that is used extensively for navigation. It is a progressive web application that can be used via any web browser. The app is smaller in size as compared to its main version and performs after listening to your commands, giving you the exact routes and traffic results.


5. Gmail Go

Launched in February 2018, Gmail Go is the lighter version of Gmail. Users do love to use this app as it gives uninterrupted services even with less or no connections. It weighs under 10 MB making it lighter than its original version. The lighter version of the app makes it easy for users to enjoy working with the app where smart email categorization and smart replies can be performed with ease.


6. Chrome Lite

Google Chrome is a widely used and immensely popular web browser. Its lite version is impressive, giving you an extremely fast and light browsing experience. Needless to say that it works almost like the main Google Chrome and permits users to find quick answers and explore stories. With Chrome Lite, you can also enjoy shows, movies, music, etc hassle-free.


7. Skype Lite

Skype is a meeting and chatting app specifically designed for the Indian market. Talking about Skype Lite, it is a streamlined version of the original Skype app that gives you features like data tracking, data-saving mode, Indian specific-bots, quick SMS insights for text categorization, etc. The lite version is the best option if you think the main version is too bloated for you.


8. Uber Lite

The famous cab-booking app Uber has its lite version as well. The lite version is well-suited for those who are using low-budget smartphones or reside in poor network areas. The app is less than 5 MB and offers a simple UI that can be used easily with all the necessary features required to book a cab.


9. Amazon Kindle Lite

Amazon Kindle Lite is the next application on the list, the lighter version of Amazon Kindle. This application is best suited for smartphones with 1 GB or 512 MB RAM. The lite version is almost similar to the main application. It takes less than 2 MB space on your device, and you can customize your screen by changing front and using Night mode to monitoring your mobile data and storage.


10. YouTube Go

Last but definitely not least, YouTube Go is the lighter version of the YouTube app that is optimized for lower storage devices like Android Go. Also, and devices with 1 MB or less RAM. The lite version of YouTube is only around 9.4 MB in size but still manages to offer some mind-wobbling features. One of the most impressive features of YouTube Go is you can instantly share them without using data.


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Time to wrap up: 

Here is a list of some of the most popular lite apps available for the Android platform. These applications don’t take much space in your device and works flawlessly, even with a disrupted internet connection. Try these apps and share your experience with us in the comment section.

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