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Nowadays, tracking your friends o family members’ is a very important thing that you should not want to ignore. It is not because of security measurement but it also makes sure that you keep in touch with your dearest one every time. Whether asking frequent questions might irritate your opposite person, so rather than doing that you can also keep your eyes on them through some valuable apps. These apps will help you to track your loved ones or family members’ real-time location without hampering them at their works. 

Wearable devices and advanced technologies can help you to fulfill your wish. A large number of smartphone device tracking apps are available in the market from which you can choose your required one. However, selecting the right one might seem a bit tricky, hence, we have come with the top 10 location sharing apps that you should not miss in 2021. So let’s start it-

  • mSpy:

mSpy released in 2010 has become the best location sharing and tracking app on this date. This smart tracking app helps you to monitor your child’s activities over their smartphones. mSpy not only shows you real-time location by GPS location but also sends your notification of it so that you can easily track their locations throughout the day. This application comes with 25 useful features including SMS, calls, call history, GPS monitoring, contact names, date, and more. It also provides you the power to restrict unwanted incoming calls. 

  • Map My Run by Under Armour:

With all-new modern wearable integration functions, this app could be the only answer to your in-mind all questions. You can use this app as a wonderful workout partner that records all important matrices, stats, and figures from the workout to show an exact analysis. It has different features like foot strike angle, stride length, and ground contact time that count as essential elements of measuring workouts with complete precision.

  • FollowMee:

If you want to track someone’s without letting them aware then FollowMe could be your final option where it transforms your smartphone device into a GPS tracking device. It maintains full data privacy and allows you to track several devices at a single time. In fact, you do not need any internet connection to operate this app. 

  • Family Locator:

Family Locator is a free phone tracking app that comes with an enormous number of features. This app allows you to track your closest family member without their permission to maintain safety concerns. It works like a pair of eyes are always observing your family members to ensure protection. Here you can create a private group, set your regional area on maps, and get notification alerts while reaching the target destination. 

  • Find My iPhone:

One of the most useful iPhone location tracking apps Find My iPhone enables you to locate the real-time situation and position of your friends, spouse, kids, and peers. In order to track the location, you just have to turn on the family sharing option. It can erase the settings and content of a device remotely and you can easily lock the device location remotely by a passcode. 

  • Google Maps:

Google Maps is one of the most interesting and widely used location-tracking apps that provides real-time traffic conditions along with ETAs. It also enables you to get real-time transit information as well as ride-share data. Now you can easily peruse automatic rerouting data that depends upon live traffic. This app also registered past google locations and showcase it on your timeline. Moreover, you will get numerous customization choices to fulfill your real-time tracking needs. 

  • FamiSafe:

If you want to track your kids’ and sons’ smartphone activities properly without letting them know, then you must consider the FamiSafe app. It comes with attractive useful features like smart paternal control settings, geo-fencing, and emergency notifications alert. Not only that you will also have here web filtering, location tracking, app blocker, and screen time control options. 

  • Life360:

Life360 is is another impressive and reliable online location tracking app. This free app helps you to take into account your dearest ones’ daily activities without asking for their permission. This app offers a cross-platform location sharing option along with in-app messaging opinions.   

  • TrackView:

TrackView is one of the most used cell phone tracking apps that not only track your favorite person’s location but also turn the IP camera on of their tablets, smartphones, and PCs by a GPS locator. Hence, you can get the power to record both audio and video remotely.


  •  Glympse:

Glympse is one of the most famous location-tracking apps that allows you to track your family members’ or friends’ location immediately. It is considered an interesting online tracking app that can easily locate persons’ real-time position with a dynamic map. It also offers a courtesy notice with ETA and you don’t need to sign-up to start this app.

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