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One phrase is rightly said widely believed that ‘Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder. Though nowadays, this phrase is only good suited either within a moral book or to express our kind nature to see the world. However, in reality, carrying a good look is a big matter to represent and thrive your belonging. Hence, everyone wants to look handsome or beautiful to attract people by their outward appearance, not from a kind mentality. Here, makeup products and utilizing different makeup cosmetics technically take an important role in glam up one physical appearance. 

Having said that, according to the world reports, in 2019 the makeup and cosmetic making industries generate revenue of almost $49.2 billion. We guess this figure tells everything about its importance and here we would like to introduce some booming apps of makeup tutorials to beautify your charm. We are sure, it will help you to nourish your makeup and artistic interest.

Top 10 Makeup Tutorial Apps in 2021

  • YouTube:

You just need to go to YouTube and then type ‘makeup tutorials’ and you will see a wide vista of makeup tutorial visuals. YouTube is the most popular video platform with millions of subscribers and here you will have different genres of makeup tutorials teaching by experienced makeup professionals. Besides, many vloggers shoot and upload their makeup and bridal videos on YouTube which also pretty helpful. Here you can also get free suggestions from top makeup artists like Nikkie, Jeffree, and more from the comment section. 

  • Beauty Makeup Tutorials:

One of the best beauty makeup tutorial app is itself Beauty Makeup Tutorial app that serves all different shades of beauty-oriented solution. It is widely famous as it comes with interesting beauty advice, tips, and recommendations that you will get from highly experienced makeup experts. It could be used for not only bridal or party makeup but also applicable for everyday makeup. 

  • Perfect 365:

One of the most effective and efficient apps Perfect 365 makeup tutorial app offers users to do makeup and upload its photo to identify mistakes. This makeup is not a one-centric makeup tutorial app but it encompasses numerous exciting features including tips and tricks of makeup, trendy party makeup style, product recommendations. With more than 20 beauty tools this app supports its users to customize and upgrade its style and this is why it has almost 100 million users. Apart from that, this tutorial app offers 200+ latest Hot Styles and trendy hairstyles with just a single click. With the help of ‘cutting edge face detection’ technology, this app helps a user to learn makeup techniques quite easily and accurately. 

  • Perfect Makeup 3D:

Perfect Makeup 3D app is an all-new makeup practice app to help users apply their art through an engaging character game format. It also helps to upskill users’ make-up diversity. It allows you to change different shades of eyeliner, lipstick, brush strokes, and different skin tone foundations. 

  • YouCam Makeup:

The YouCam Makeup app is one of the most famous makeup tutorial apps that help you to look beautiful with its virtual editing makeover feature. Here you can edit your selfies with different makeup filters and share them directly on various media platforms. You will get multiple options here including eyeliner, cosplay makeup, contour, costume makeup, blush, eyebrows, and retouch eye shapes. 

  • MakeupPlus:

One of the most exciting makeup learning app is MakeupPlus that enables users to try different shelfies looks by applying various filters on it. This app helps users with different tricks, tips, and improved products. 

  • Forever Beauty Face Yoga+Makeup:

One of the most interesting makeup tutorial apps Forever Beauty offers several face yoga tricks and skin betterment beauty tips. All these tips and tricks are suggested by experts and certified beauticians and yoga experts.

  • Foxy:

Among the top-ranked makeup tutorial apps, Foxy takes a place because of its suggestive makeover support to both women and men. This app helps you by diagnosing your skin type and hair texture and suggest products accordingly.

  • Airblack:

Airblack counts under top-class makeup tutorial apps because it provides you an appropriate beauty course and curriculums developed by numerous certified beauty experts. It is pretty useful for makeup enthusiast to follow their passion as makeup artists and become skillful makeover specialists.


  • Pinterest:

Pinterest is also a wonderful makeup tutorial app where users can share their makeup images on different social media platforms. With more than 400 million monthly subscribers Pinterest is a leading makeup tutorial app where it offers several makeup videos, makeup looks tutorials.

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