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In today’s digital life everyone is looking for the best ways to manage the stress. Most of the time, when it comes to relaxing the mind and soul people often uses various types of Mobile Apps for Mental Health. Nowadays everyone is facing a hectic life schedule and thus going to different experiences daily, which sometimes create stress. The irresistible exposure to the outer world can lead to several health issues and eventually your work productivity and health goes down

So, keeping all these aspects in mind, we are here with some good information for those who are looking for different methods to calm their mind and soul. To avoid the effects of stress on our work and productivity you need to pay attention to the mental health apps that help you in managing your mental health and mood. From the past few years, mental health apps are on great demand due to the rising number of health issues. As we know mobile app development has changed the ways we deal with almost all the aspects of life and the same goes for mental stress.

Today we are going to discuss the features of 10 best mobile apps for Android and iOS to manage your mental health and help you overcome stress. The apps listed in this blog are used by millions of people to attain inner peace.

Let’s start:

1. Pacifica

It is one of the best Mobile Apps for Mental Health. It provides you with complete instructions about muscle relaxation exercises, anti-anxiety exercises, and deep breathing exercises. This app also helps in understanding the thinking patterns and helps in identifying the possible nervousness issues. If you are going through anxiety or depression; this app simply helps you in improving your mental well-being, and helps you feel happier over time.


  • Help you to overcome anxiety, stress, and depression
  • Offers meditation audio tools.
  • Meditations and other exercises
  • Helps in tracking mood all through the day.
  • The analysis tool help in tracking health goals


Happify is also known as a brain-training app. It helps in resolving various mental health issues by combating anxiety, stress while encouraging positive traits like appreciation and compassion. The app is free to download and use. If you want to fix your mental health then download this app and get to access to enjoy all the lavishing features.

  • Provides access to more than 30 tracks
  • Track your progress every day
  • Helps in tracking anxiety and stress
  • Keep you engaged in interactive activities.
  • Offers a complete mood-lifting training program.


If you want to check your mental health then, Moodpath is the right app. This app is an excellent way to know your state of mind and help you decide if you need to see a psychotherapist or other expert. With this app, you can check your mental health every day as this app asks you questions each day, and sends you to report after 15 days.


  • Asks daily questions to determine your health
  • Provides 15 days of mental health report
  • Keeps complete track of the emotional states.
  • Helps in sleep pattern.

4.Mind Shift

If you are a teenager then this app is specially designed for your health concerns. Mind Soft is somehow a different app than other applications in this category. This app works in a different pattern as it stresses the ways through which you think about anxiety rather than to avoid anxious feelings.


  • Helps in sleeping disorders
  • Fixes intense Emotions
  • Best way to Test Anxiety
  • Avoids performance Anxiety


This app guides you through the procedure of breathing by providing clear videos that help you exercise and master the technique of breathing. You only have to plug in your headphones and focus on your inhale/exhale process. The app can be used without the internet.


  • Helps in mastering the process of breathing
  • Best meditation exercises
  • Help in decreasing the ‘fight-or-flight’ stress hormones
  • Acts as mood stabilization
  • Guides anger control.


It is the best way to transform your body every day with meditation. The app offers you key tools to achieve a better life. Whether you want to relieve stress or want to relax your body or mind, Headspace offers you hundreds of themed mindfulness meditation sessions to help you. Headspace also offers reports that help youto improve your focus and attention.


  • Help you to learn classic meditation techniques
  • Provides techniques to help you manage stress and anxiety
  • The push notifications help in sleep disorders
  • Track your growth and share it with others to motivate them

7.Sleep Cycle 

The app is well-known for its abundance of features. The built-in sensor in the app help in monitoring your sleep patterns as you have to keep your phone beside you on the mattress. The accelerometer helps in monitoring the levels of your sleep cycle. The details provided by the app helps you to figure out which things are interrupting your sleep.


  • It is easy to determine sleep patterns with this app
  • Sound technology or accelerometer helps in checking the sleep cycle
  • Provides detailed sleep statistics and graphs
  • Offers a list of alarm melodies

8.My mood tracker

My mood tracker is the perfect friend for tracking your emotions from time to time. The app is designed in such a manner that it tracks how you feel. The powerful features help you to understand what causes your emotions to alter, and want helps you in feeling good.


  • It tracks the mood and emotions all through the day
  • Keep an eye on things which affect your mood, and sleep
  • Provides various exercises
  • Protect your details with a security PIN


This mental health app is branded as the App of the Year. The app is designed in such a manner that it fixes out various anxiety, and sleep issues to make feel better. The app focuses on breathing patterns, meditation, sleep, and relaxation. There are various breathing and meditations sounds in the app that relaxes your mind and body.


  • The app offers 7 days beginners program
  • The programs in-app are designed by renowned experts
  • Breathing workouts to help you calm down
  • Exclusive music sounds to help you sleep

10.Worry Watch

Worry Watch mental health app is designed to deal with Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder. This app helps patients that feel excessive anxiety issues without any reason. The app helps the patient in examining the anxiety points.


  • Offers daily reminders to check anxiety level
  • Offers exercise to relieve stress
  • Personalize the app with various themes that help in relaxing mind
  • It works without the internet as well.


Well as per reports these apps help in relieving the stress and anxiety issues. Many people who were going through stress and depression have seen drastic changes in their mental health. But several health professionals are not very certain about the efficiency of these apps when used without any doctor supervision. However, we still believe that if you use these above-mentioned apps under the regular guidance of experts then you will get the best results. The right use of these apps can bring a lot of peace in your life. If you are going through any kind of stress then you can use any of the meditation apps listed above and share your experience with us.

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