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By 2020, mobile applications will see exponential growth and witness jaw-dropping mobile app startups that will automate yet another phase. But starting a mobile app startup requires a thorough understanding of how users will engage with their phones by 2020!

Experts build mobile apps that are driven by results. And to do so, we invest endless hours of research into user behavior and preferences, so any app we build can make it right to the hearts of users. Not only are the 2020 stats promised but we got excited.

This year, the interaction between users and their mobile phones will increase, giving us even greater reasons for digging into innovative apps.

We’ve collected for you the 10 mobile app statistics for 2020. Let’s have a look!

1. One day, people check their phones 150 times

We know, we are all guilty of this behavior. This figure of checking your phone 150 times a day includes all the times when we don’t use an app or phone function, but we’re still checking for updates, emails or messages on social media. How does the Mobile app Marketer work for you?

Well, if you want to push your app and keep the users updated at all times, then push notifications are a great choice.

You get to send fast alerts with push notifications, so when a user checks their screen, they can see the message of your device. And if it’s catchy or has a call-to-action message, it helps boost your sales!

2. Most users (91%) say content is critical

To make a potential customer into a paying customer successfully one needs to understand what their preferences are.

Mobile marketing figures have shown that content is king on more than one. If the response is wrong, it will result in unsatisfactory outcomes for the promotional budget.

3. 83% of Smartphone users expect a seamless experience across all devices

Users of mobile apps do not sit in a silo and typically view the same content on different platforms. They may prefer to check their Twitter on the desktop, and their mobile Instagram.

This doesn’t mean they don’t have downloaded the Twitter app on their Smartphone, or they never opened their Instagram account on their desktop.

Whatever they choose to do they expect to experience the same smooth user. By ensuring the experience is seamless over any device they choose to use to view your website, the best way to keep everyone engaged.

4. IOS devices are expected to raise $581 billion by 2020

It appears that startups and businesses can finally stop worrying about paid apps because of best mobile app statistics 2020 shows users will be willing to pay for paid downloads and in-app advertising.

In 2020, mobile apps will generate $581 billion in revenue, followed by 19 percent in 2021, according to Statista. It highlights the value of producing great user experiences, and delivering enjoyable user interfaces, giving consumers incentives to pay for the app!

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5. A mobile app is available to many small businesses

iPhone devices assist improve customer engagement and brand identity. But a company needs to grasp the elements needed to create and manage a good app.

This is particularly important for a typically limited-resource small business. From the directory of Top Mobile App Development companies, you can easily choose the best app Development Company for small business.

6. Mobile phones are preferred to open emails more

Emails have now become the most basic form of communication and are already accessible more on Smartphones than on desktops.

In addition to this, there is also the increasing trend that businesses are encouraging more and more workers to work from their phones, and in many situations, the desktop is not used to do basic tasks such as reviewing emails or results.

Precise mobile numbers may vary, mostly depending on the scale of the sample, but something is clear — the internet appears to be leading in the battle of the Smartphone over the desktop. To improve your mobile statistics, you may hire a mobile app development company.

7. The category most downloaded-Social Media Apps

Social media apps have been leading the app game since 2019, with WhatsApp and Messenger topping out the charts, followed by TikTok, according to Sensor Tower.

Since last year the top-performing apps have maintained their position, speaking volumes of user interests. Experts believe that in 2020, social media apps will also dominate the app category, with an inclination to video editing apps.

If you’re looking for a business project, investigate social media sites, and think like TikTok, about a groundbreaking app that could attract users.

8. A typical person spends 3 hours 10 minutes a day on the phone

Love grows stronger between users and their mobile devices. An eMarketer report shows an average adult is spending more than 3 hours and 10 minutes of their day using their Smartphones.

The numbers pledge. The more time people spend on their Smartphones, the better the chances of appealing to them, bringing ads to the appropriate market, and discovering consumer behavior and social habits of usage. It also means you will be given more time to interact with your target audience.

9. Increased and augmented reality will become industry separate

AR and VR advertising deliver engaging brand stories for consumers. That’s an idea that can turn a single-time customer into a long-term customer.

Technology has changed to make use of such advertisements accessible and affordable to companies of any size. Some companies have already incorporated this into their marketing policy, as we have discussed earlier.

A good example of this would be ad campaigns by Michael Kors a few years ago, where the brand used AR to let customers check out how a pair of sunglasses looked at them.

It was quite a neat concept and the companies stand to learn a lot from AR and VR with a broader implementation.

10. Global mobile traffic is going to witness an upsurge

Statista reports that global mobile phone traffic will reach 40.77 exabytes per month, and pass 77 exabytes per month by 2002. Global mobile traffic is growing at a 46 percent compound rate. If you are still wondering if mobile device investment is worthwhile, then the answer is yes.

Worldwide, half the web traffic is from mobile phones. In 2019, mobile accounted for 73 percent of Nigeria’s web traffic.


If you wonder what the future holds for the us-one thing is certain. There’ll be even more Smartphones out there and more mobile ads. We can expect the worldwide expansion of mobile payment systems shortly, as more people start using Smartphones.

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