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Multiplayer Android Games To Amaze You

Mobile gaming has been witnessing a surge year after year. With smartphones coming off the age featuring heavy-duty processors and fantastic GPUs, mobile gaming has witnessed a complete turnaround.

Gaming is always fun whether you play alone or with someone. Mobile games are a stress-buster and help people forget all their troubles even if it is for a short while. Mobile gaming is fun, and the fun factor elevates even more when you play in multiplayer mode. Be it with your friends or against the world, multiplayer gaming gives you a far better gaming experience. 

There is an abundance of multiplayer gaming options available in the Google Play Store, but which one to opt for? Well, fret not, as we have compiled some of the best Android multiplayer games here in this post. So without wasting any further time, let us start with the compilation.


10 Best Multiplayer Android Games


The first game on the list is Fortnite. It is a battle royale game that is interesting to play, especially online with other players. The game uses cartoonish graphics blended with a lot of fun elements. The game gets fresh content with weekly patches.- This means, whenever you relax on your couch to play the game, there will be something new happening in it.


Garena Free Fire

The high-capacity Free Fire battleground is all you need to try if you are more of an FSP player. The game offers an interesting GUI with easy to navigate controls on the screen. The premier highlight of the game is that you have to battle out 49 other users in a 10-minute window of cut-throat competition to survive till the end.

The game also lets you form a team of 4 members, wherein you can talk among yourselves to hatch a strategy with the in-game voice chat feature. It is a captivating and highly-recommended game to download and play.


Clash Royale

Clash Royale is another unmissable game that you need to check out. It is a card-based game and a spin-off from the popular strategy-based game Clash of Clans.

In the game, you have to fight against other players in a Player vs Player battle to prove that you are the best player out there. If you are a fan of strategy-based fun games, then do not miss out on playing Clash Royale.


Forza Street

A tailor-made game for all the drift racing fans, Forza Street offers breathtaking features to enjoy in a multiplayer mode. The game is based on the Miami circuit track and has an abundance of the best cars in motorsports. 

In Forza Street, you have to pick an event and win the racing championship against the best players. The game offers top-notch graphics, smooth gameplay along with 1 vs 1 multiplayer gaming.


8 Ball Pool

Miniclip’s very own 8 Ball Pool has been in the mobile gaming market forever. It can be termed as one of the most played online multiplayer games available on Android. The gameplay is simple it offers a direct simulator of the 8 Ball Pool experience on users’ mobile devices.

Owing to the popularity of the game, the makers have added a 9-ball mode, giving users two different varieties to choose from.


Asphalt 9

If Forza Street was a treat for the car racing fans, Asphalt 9 is the treat of the treats. The game comprises stunning 3D visuals with licensed tracks to enhance your level of fun. Surely a highly-recommended game for speed lovers.


Call of Duty

The downloads surged for Call of Duty in India soon after the ban of PUBG mobile. It is considered one of the most thrilling multiplayer games in the world, Call of Duty has gained immense popularity.

The game offers premium HD quality with stunning 3D graphics. It also provides five different objective modes to shoot franchise and destroy headquarters with the help of multiple titles. If you are a lover of a first-person shooter game, Call of Duty is one game you shouldn’t miss out on trying.


Adventure Quest 3D

The next multiplayer game on the list is Adventure Quest 3D. The game comes with a cross-platform MMORPG theme and frequently updated its features with time. The players have to take the role of heroes by defeating the enemies across battles. If they manage to defeat the enemies, they emerge victorious. 


Mortal Kombat X

Mortal Kombat X isn’t among the amateur names in the market but categorized among the greatest fighting games of all time. The highlight of the game is the fight between the characters of Netherrealm, Earthrealm, and Outworld, combined with X-Ray moves and other superpowers.

With cinematic mode offering top-notch graphics, you can play this game with your friends in the multiplayer mode.


Glow Hockey 2

Who isn’t a fan of the good old game of Air Hockey? Well, if you are more into playing multiplayer games, Glow Hockey is surely a treat for you. The gameplay is simple you control a striker of a particular color and have to hit the puck into the opponent’s hole. It’s a fun game to kill boredom, and I recommend you to give this game a spin if you fancy air hockey.


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Time to wrap up: 

Online multiplayer games play a vital role in the happiness of both teens and adults. If you love playing multiplayer mobile games, go through this list and explore the best multiplayer games available on Google Play Store. 

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