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If you think about apps then you might get confused as there are millions of apps available in the app store and playstore. But which app to install in your phone and get the most use of it. Most of the apps these days involves the usage of data network to access the full functionality of the app.
So, whether it’s because you’re traveling or having a poor data connection in certain areas, or well in most cases, saving data allowance for the end of the month.
Here I have provided you some of the amazing apps of every genre that you can download and access even in offline mode:

1.  Best Offline Map App: Google Maps

Google maps are the most preferred app of all time. There is no second app when it comes to navigation. It provides you the latest routes and lets you know the current traffic situation. The best part is that it even works offline. Visit the offline areas tab in the settings menu and use Google’s excellent navigation system without internet access.
Maps downloaded in the offline mode will be automatically removed after 30 days. You can have them automatically update every month and let them stay on your phone.

2. Best Offline News App: FeedME RSS Reader

If you’re a lectiophile like me who is always into news and you wander to different sources just to stay updated and catch what’s going on in the world. Then, download the best app for news reading. It gives you everything that you need to digest all the latest events while you are offline. The many sources of the news include famous channels like Feedly, InoReader, Bazqux, the older reader, Feedbin and are in process to expand more.

3. Best Offline Weather App: AccuWeather

Caution: You’ll have to use this app with data network access at some point.
Well, there is no such app that works as a truly offline app. however, AccuWeather wins our favor for the list as it provides an accurate 15-day forecast. So, imagine yourself being stuck in an unknown place for 15 days still you will get to know the weather conditions. This can let you decide what to take with you; a sombrero or a ski mask for your trip outside.

4. Amazon Kindle: Best Offline eBook Reader App

It provides you the best reading experience in offline mode. Most eBook readers apps make excellent offline apps as they keep users occupied for hours without needing to reconnect to the internet. It is one of the best as it gives you quick access to thousands of digital books and let your curiosity fulfilled. Buy a book or download it your device and read happily without any hassle. The most similar alternative is Google Play Books, but it results as the second choice for many users.

5. Best Offline Travel App: TripAdvisor

This app is famous and preferred by most users and now, it is considered as the rightful king of travel apps. It has always been supported by a thriving community that offers photos, feedback and reviews of fellow travelers. Earlier, it used to provide city guides that could be downloaded externally but now all such features are integrated into one app, that can be accessed even in an offline format. So, next time when you plan for another trip, don’t forget to use TripAdvisor.

6. Best Offline Documents: Google Drive

We all are aware of the fact that google drive is one of the leading cloud storage services in the world. It also lets you download files and documents to your device. You can work on these files in offline mode and once again when’ll you are connected to the internet, they will be synchronized to your cloud.
To do so, tap the ‘i’ of a file in Google Drive and then click on keep on the device. You can keep and work on as many files as you want.

7. Best Offline App for Saving to Later: Pocket

It is one of the most popular offline reading apps in the playstore. Use it to download articles, videos, and other content you find likewise for your device. Save once and read it afterward-in offline mode. The app has a great user-interface and makes sure that a user doesn’t miss out on any content that you’re not able to read out full. You can easily click on the share button and save it to pocket for easy access in offline mode.

8. Offline Dictionaries: Top Offline Dictionary App

Well, this is the utmost important app that you should definitely have on your smartphone. Imagine yourself in a foreign country, where you neither have knowledge of the locale nor you know about their tongue. So, what makes you survive there is an offline dictionary. The app has placed itself in the most reputed and preferred selection of its users. It is mostly because of the large database of synonyms and support for more than 50 languages.

9. Best Offline Music App: Spotify

You’ve must have heard about the Spotify app as it is among the top-rated music app over the globe. It not only gives you access to millions of tracks but can also set it to sync your playlists in the background. It means that all your music is available when you’re offline. The premium version of the app costs around $9.99 per month, but is one of the coolest services around. Save a couple of albums to your device and enjoy the high- quality music.

10. Best Offline Note-Taking App: Google Keep

What’s best than a pen-and-paper is a nice offline note-taking app that synchronizes with your drive. One of my personal favorites is Google keeps. It is a great tool for keeping track of all to-do-lists and various things to remember. It works offline and you can reconnect to the internet to get the data synced.


Well, there are a lot of more offline apps that are used by users but these are one of the best apps that are most preferred by users. There are many apps like Evernote, Stitcher that covers a few other sections. Do let me know about such other apps in our comment section below and let us know about the best ones.

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