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The global pandemic of CoronaVirus has forced many homes and families for unable to moving out of their places even to buy essential items for daily use. Getting 10 Best Online Grocery Selling Apps, vegetable and other necessary items have become challenging for everyone. In such a scenario, secure e-commerce and mobile supermarket applications have come up as a boon for people to get their groceries delivered at their doorstep. Online delivering stores and apps that had stopped their functions for a few days after lockdown have restarted their operations are now availing super-fast deliveries. In comparison to routine app downloads, the play store and Apple’s store witnessed a notable spike in downloads of grocery selling apps.


Here’s the list of Top 10 Best Online Grocery Selling App that are Delivering Essentials:

1. Zomato 

The Zomato is Best Online Grocery Selling App these days for delivering essentials. During these difficult times of Coronavirus pandemic, Zomato is delivering groceries in more than 70 cities across India by following hygiene and social distancing norms. In the latest development, the Zomato app has now joined hands with Grofers app in delivering orders. Consumers can now get essentials like cooking oils and oats by ‘Saffola Store’ launched on Zomato app. The Zomato market featuring in Zomato app delivers all the essential goods for customer’s convenience right at their doorstep in hygienically proven methods.


2. Swiggy

Swiggy is yet another Best Online Grocery Selling App that delivers groceries and essentials online. In the earlier stage of lockdown due to novel COVID-19, the app or service started with providing in limited places across the country. The delivery services have now been expanded to more cities. Many top brands for home essentials like P&G, Dabur, Adani Wilmers have teamed up with this brand to help consumers get their groceries selling apps delivered online. Swiggy has been in the market of online deliveries for a long time now. Apart from the stores as mentioned above, this popular app has also collaborated with various brick-and-mortar stores for public convenience.


3. Shopclues

Like Swiggy and Zomato, ShopClues is also a Online Grocery Selling App who delivery groceries and other essential items to the consumers. Right after the directives of country lockdown were announced, items related to hygiene and toiletries went off-shelves. In such a challenging scenario, Shopclues also started delivering hygiene-essentials like sanitizers, masks, groceries, medicines, packaged foods and personal hygiene products on the website and app itself. In a recent development, the brand has come up with a separate option on its website and app named ‘grocery’. Your essentials are just a click away at Shopclues.


4. BigBasket

Named among the Best Online Grocery Selling App across the world, BigBasket is also delivering home essentials amid a global pandemic of coronavirus. It avails either the same day or next day delivery of all the necessary items and products at your doorstep. You can also get fresh vegetables and fruits delivered abiding by full hygiene and social distancing norms.


5. Grofers

Apart from apps like Zomato and Swiggy that used to deliver ready-to-eat items only, were in less demand in the initial days of lockdown. But, already prominent and trending apps like Bigbasket and Grofers gained massive searches and popularity for on-time delivery of groceries and other useful items. The delivery boys of such apps and online markets are regularly screened for any health issue, and food and other items are also sanitized after the delivery at consumer’s doorstep.


6. Amazon

Amazon is named among the Best Online Grocery Selling App in the e-commerce industry and has gained significant popularity among consumers. Soon after the announcement of lockdown, Amazon had started its ‘Amazon Pantry’ service. This service was started with the sole purpose of helping consumers in getting home essentials delivered to their doorstep during tough times. The delivery of all other non-essential items had come to a halt at Amazon. Other than groceries, Amazon is also delivering sanitization items like masks and alcohol-based sanitizers for the personal hygiene of customers.


7. Flipkart

Flipkart is another Best Online Grocery Selling App that providing essentials and household items to consumers. The essential items comprise food, sanitizing supplies, personal care, baby care essentials and pet food. Flipkart has collaborated with Spencers Retail for local deliveries of groceries and essentials. Consumers can now order groceries and essentials from the Spencers store as well available on the Flipkart app.


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8. PhonePe

Known for its credible and reliable digital payments, PhonePe app also started offering doorstep delivery of groceries and essentials via contactless payment methods for its users. Users of PhonePe can avail the services by going to the Stores section on the app. By clicking on the option, the user will be able to locate the nearby PhonePe delivery store and can order essentials in no time for safe delivery.


9. Snapdeal

Snapdeal, Best Online Grocery Selling App. It delivers clothing and footwear products, has now also started providing home essentials to the consumers in more than 90 cities. Apart from metro cities, the essentials delivering list also covers smaller towns. Snapdeal has teamed up with local shoppers and wholesalers to make swift intra-city deliveries of essentials. To make the provision of home necessary food items possible, Snapdeal is also collaborating with local Kisan Mandis in metro cities to deliver staples like pulses, salt, and other packaged food items.


10. Dominos

Your favourite Pizza and another fast-food delivering app, Dominos is also now delivering essentials to your doorstep. In collaboration with FMCG major ITC Foods, Domino’s will pull off its existing delivery communications allowing consumers to order essentials. The service, for now, is available in cities like Kolkata, Bengaluru, Noida, Chennai, Mumbai and Hyderabad.



Not only will these supermarkets and E-commerce apps allow you to get essentials delivered at your doorstep, but they will also soon be starting with providing other non-essential products offered to you. The continuous surge in home essentials made it challenging for these apps and services to offer on-time deliveries in the initial stage of lockdown as the products were going off-shelves and demands were increasing at an alarming stage.

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