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Best Phone Dialer Apps For Android

Remember. You are waiting for an urgent call, and when your phone rings, it’s a spam call. Irritating! Almost all of us have experienced this feeling with the increasing trend of robocalls in the telephonic world. It is essential to understand that a significant number of spam calls come from scammers. Initially, many people fell into the trap of these scammers that make the best use of software dialers to make maximum calls. It sometimes also becomes embarrassing for people to get unwanted calls while attending a business meeting. The top dialer app for Android will help you eliminate such issues and make your calling and dialing process much more accessible and convenient. Apart from blocking unwanted and spam calls, these apps will help you assign some numbers to speed dial with a single tap. In this blog, you will get to know about the best android dialer apps in 2020

Top 10 Best Dialer Apps for Android

1. Hangouts Dialer– Call Phones 

It is by far the best dialer app for Android introduced by Google LLC way back in 2013. It enjoys global presence and preference, as it is easily accessible the world over. This app enables making calls and accessing voice call features. It allows using an outbound caller ID, making the number visible. If you are making an outgoing call from the US or Canada, you can also get the option for making free of cost calls using carrier data. One can connect this app with Google Voice for making VOIP calls. Moreover, the latest version comes with enhanced navigation and user interface. During the entire process of dialing and conversation over the phone, the caller’s image is available on the screen with contact details.

2. AppDialer Pro, instant app/contact search, T9

It is a free phone dialer for Android that transforms the android operating system, a smart hub for making calls. This app lets the user access other apps/ calls through dial screen, making navigation of other apps from the dial screen. Whenever required, it also allows launching the panel quickly. The more the contacts are accessed, the more it becomes personalized, displaying the contacts, most often used, beforehand. It shows a QWERTY keypad and a flat numeric pad to enable single-handed operation though it is a new entrant but is fast becoming popular among App users.

3. Speed Dial Widget

It is a quick app. Users can set up its attractive user interface and few themes on the widget (say home screen) in the phone’s home screen as a shortcut. Speed dial widget app’s uniqueness and versatility are why it has become the best Android phone dialer. One can create different groups using a widget for different people for single screen accessibility. The old data can be restored anytime by taking a backup before uninstalling the app. It enables users to launch the entire contact book, SMSs, etc.

4. Drupe: Contacts Phone Dialer

It is a free dialer app for Android, well, mostly because some of its features require purchase. It is one of the preferred mobile apps for Android OSs, as it’s features include call recorder, smart dialer, spam block, contacts & phone book and called ID. It provides for a call screen allowing the caller to see spam indications from the screen. Its modern phone book feature allows contacts more accessible than ever. To utilize its functionality of sending GIFs to the caller, the caller needs to have this app installed. Drupe also has missed calls manager, which allows contacting the callers later on. It provides a multi-lingual support system for wide global acceptability. It can also serve as call maneuverability amongst various platforms such as WhatsApp, walkie-talkie, Facebook Messenger, Google Duo, etc.

5. Eyecon

It is yet another accessible and user-friendly mobile app for Android operating systems. This app provides an individual caller ID, coupled with Facebook images of the caller for better correlation. It is the best android dialer as more contacts are frequently accessed and prioritized in the call list with the help of this app. The availability status of a connection is also displayed. One of its main features is a soothing visual experience with dynamic themes. Eyecon allows adding pictures to the contacts. This dialer app integrates very well with social media platforms, such as WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram, etc.

6. Phone+– Dialer, Call Blocker

While talking about the best dialer app for Android, Phone+ dialer app can’t go amiss The best feature of this dialer app is that it supports two SIM cards. It’s integrated system synchronization and backup of contacts and call history so that the call logs are not lost. Its salient features include ID subscriber, fast action with calls, on-screen photo contacts, video greeting, etc.

7. SimplerDialer

As the name suggests, it is a simple contacts app. It comes with a large keypad that can be customized. Users can easily manage the email contacts and events on this phone dialer for Android. The salient features include ensuring avoiding replication of contacts with improved caller ID, call blocking, offline backup, cleaning up the contact list, and confirmation dialogue before every call.

8. TruecallerCaller ID &Dialer

The Truecaller app needs no introduction to the present date. People are following and recommending this app regularly. It is one of the most popular dialer apps, as it doubles up as an SMS app as well. Because of all these stunning features, users consider it as the best android dialer app. Some of its salient features include best caller ID, call blocking, dual-SIM, SMS spam filters, etc. Its interface uses basic Material Design.

9. Contacts+

The contacts dialer app helps users connect multiple accounts or sources to develop an integrated address book. It is a phone dialer for Android that comprises a feature to update contact information on your phone that syncs over various accounts and devices automatically. If you consider the best android dialer app, then Contacts+ is the right choice for you.


10. ZenUIDialer

ZenUI Dialer app is one of the most popular dialer apps in the android app market. It has become famous for its versatility and all-in-one unique features. If you want to use the best android dialer for your phone with an alluring interface and easy navigation, then ZenUi Dialer will be the perfect option for you. It is the best way to get rid of those unwanted calls from spammers.



By now, you must have decided to go to the Play Store and download your best dialer app for Android. With the increasing number of spam calls, the need for coming up with the best android phone dialer is also emergingThe apps will also provide you with all the latest notification alerts about the calls and messages with the most accurate information.

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