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Photographers are always craving for taking pictures until they look picture-perfect. Nowadays, people and often camera persons also take great snaps from smartphone devices with sharp quality, high-resolution pictures. A huge number of photo editing and adding filters like apps available in both free and paid versions available. 

An all-around photo editing apps starting from the primary camera and sharing tools to complete photo editing apps enable you to take click pictures, edit, share and collage them by your smartphone. Now the most important question is which photo editing apps are worthy of saving time and taking on-the-go stunning pictures. In order to fix your confusion, today we are going to display the top 10 photo editing apps that will match both noobs’ and professional photographers’ requirements.   

  • VSCO:

VSCO comes with impressive camera features where you can manually shoot pictures from an in-built tool. Here you can balance exposure and camera focus, 3-flash switch modes, interface color selection, and composition balance feature. It is not only best for the manual shooting features but it also offers a 3-in-1 camera, dedicated photographers’ community, social sharing, and more. The UI of this app is very straightforward, simple and icon tools are easily understandable. 

  • Instasize:

Instasize is an outstanding photo editing app that comes with numerous combined features like more than 130 premium quality filters, background adding features for both video or photo.  You can avail of this app for both iOS and Android devices to take control over unwanted lighting and color, frame adding options, resizing, text editor, video editing, and 6 retouching tools. 

  • Movavi Picverse:

Movavi Picverse is one of the leading photo editing apps that amateur photographers like most as it can provide professional-looking results. You will just admire its ton of editing options ranging from various stylish filters, background blur effect, 400+ effects, and special retro effects. The interface is pretty simple and its in-built artistic effects help you to develop atmospheric photos. 

  • Camera+:

If you have an iPhone then you must hear of Camera+ and this is why it takes in our top-10 best photo editing apps list. It helps unprofessional photographers to shoot professional photographs as they have simple controls, touch exposure, stabilizer mode for hassle-free steady snapping, composition gridlines, and more. Apart from these basic features, this app offers you some professional features including red-eye remover, tone adjustment, white balance, vignette, and straightening. 

  • Adobe Lightroom:

Adobe Lightroom is one of the top-class photo editing apps for expert photographers that enable editing, viewing, and organizing a huge number of images. It comes with an in-built camera feature that helps you to take RAW photos on which you can adjust aperture, exposure and can use more various manual features.  In its premium version, users will get selective adjustments, healing brush, DSLR photos RAW editing images, cloud storage, and more. 

  • Enlight:

Enlight counts as an advanced photo editing app that offers color, exposure, cropping, and more unique features. Besides, it also comes with in-built filters like duo color toning, white filters, and massive control over shadow and photo highlights.  It has double image exposure and different fine-tuned additional editing features.

  • FilterStorm Neue:

FilterStorm Neue is a stunning app that considers you to fulfill modern editing tasks on different images. It provides you adjustments on different tunes, curves, and levels with various mixers channel. The clone feature is an amazing editing app that lets you eliminate unwanted objects.  

  • Mextures:

One of the most popular iPhone photo editing apps Mexture is wonderful for adding textures, gradients, dust, light, leaks, and grains. You will also get options to blend for different layers. All these layers can be edited for rotation, texture, or rotation. It also has more than 150 textures presents available at $1.99.

  • Google Photos:

Google Photos comes with an in-built saving tool, photo sharing, and numerous editing features. People can access google images anytime from any device as it has an automatically backed tool. Here you can edit color, light, brightness, contrast, and more.


  • TouchRetouch:

TouchRetouch is a wonderful photo editing app for people who wants clean, sharp blemishes-free photos. Hence, here you can easily remove any pimple and patchy lines from faces to get clean smooth-skinned photos. It has included eraser, lasso, clone stamp, etc. editing features.

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