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Best Remote Working Software

With the global pandemic leaving no one from its deadly impact, working from home has become the ‘new normal’ for most of the businesses. The global outbreak of coronavirus has left an extreme fear amongst the employees of leaving their homes. As the companies are trying their best to respond to the COVID-19 led work from home scenarios, advanced remote working software helps them manage their employees’ productivity.

Researchers also reveal that a notable number of employees and business owners want to continue working from home for the rest of their careers. While tracking a remotely working team, the advent of technology and software works as a productivity booster and time-saver. Here, we have compiled a list of 10 of the most helpful remote working software that enhances employee efficiency and overall productivity.


10 Best Remote Working Software To Lead Your Business

1. Smartsheet

The Smartsheet software is a no-code platform that assists teams of all sizes in developing the best solutions for managers and employees. It is cloud-based remote work software that helps organizations in assigning, managing, and planning the tasks. The platform also efficiently keeps a check on the tools and apps used by a person to help him or the management in prioritizing and managing the essential tasks. It offers users a Free Trial.


  • Flexibility and security
  • Systematization for recurring tasks
  • Content analysis workflows


2. Slack 

Slack is adequate remote working software that helps businesses deal with the challenges that occur with working remotely. It lets business managers and team leaders have real-time interactions with anyone in the team, develop channels for different events, and create threads within messages to keep communication via chats organized and managed.


  • Voice and video calls
  • The benefit of integrated file sharing
  • Data protection and security
  • Helps in reaching people faster


3. Shiftnote

ShiftNote is an online remote working software that helps in arranging the manager’s logbook and offers effective internal communication among teams and managers. The tool allows managers and supervisors to schedule the upcoming week’s or month’s activities and tasks at a fraction of time. The remote working software also will enable managers to distribute the latest shift and role tasks to different employees through the internal email system. It helps managers keeping track of assigned work following different time slots. Apart from this, ShiftNote is also helpful in providing information about weather forecasts.


  • Task scheduling and managing
  • Streamlining communication
  • Group communication
  • Multi-location Dashboard


4. Hubstaff

The COVID-19-led work from home scenario has forced managers to keep a close check on their employees’ time and work for accurate distribution of their payment. It helps employees manage their work and assists employees in checking their working hours and time spent on a single website. The tool time to time takes a screenshot of the system of the employee and keeps an eye on the idle time on a particular site.


  • Employee monitoring
  • Location tracking
  • Bill and pay accurately
  • Monitoring screens and sending screenshots
  • Improving Productivity


5. 1Password

1Password is another useful tool for thriving business owners. They can keep various information and data safe and secure. 1Password is becoming necessary software for team managers that assist in accessing and managing personal and private information secure. Arranging and supervising the crucial credentials like login/signup details and passwords has become more comfortable with the help of 1Password software. Apart from the business credentials information, the software also enables the user to keep bank account details, credit card, and debit card information safe and secure.


  • Works as a password generator
  • Allows to add multiple URLs
  • Access attachments
  • Authenticate and safe


6. Swit 

Swit assists everyone in interacting and stay dedicated to the essential tasks and activities while meeting deadlines from start to finish. Employees and employers can efficiently work on assigning and managing tasks, interacting with significant stakeholders, and keeping all the information on track with timeline views.


  • Manage timeline and calendar
  • Effective communication and organization of work
  • Availability of chat in real-time


7. Weekdone

As the name suggests, the Weekdone software for remote working helps the employees and managers plan the tasks and events of the upcoming week. The weekly planning of tasks and activities are assigned to the employees before handedly to help them improve productivity and efficiency.


  • Improves and enhances productivity
  • Increases trust with the organization
  • Boosts morale with peer recognition


8. PeopleGoal

PeopleGoal assists businesses keep remote workers indulged in the thriving buzz of work regardless of their location. The software also offers constant feedback and gets the measurement tools managers to need to take everyone’s task report from moment to moment. With the help of PeopleGoal software, business owners can make sure their employees are dedicatedly working towards company goals while working from home.


  • Enhanced employee performance
  • Reduces business-oriented stress levels for employees and managers
  • Works on improving productivity

9. Xero

Xero is another highly useful for working remote that offers support in arranging the finances of the businesses remotely. The prominent features of this software include bills payment, inventory, and reporting. Business owners and financers can keep track of the expenses and are extremely helpful in budgeting business projects.


  • Real-time finance monitoring
  • Improves client interaction
  • Ease in creating and managing business invoices
  • Effective creative control

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10. Google Drive 

Although old Google Drive is an all-time choice of business owners in 2020, it is cloud-based storage software that enables business owners or others to keep the project files systematized. It allows all the employees or team members to upload files, generate directories, and share these with concerned teal leaders.


  • Works in offline mode
  • Allows to save the changes automatically
  • Allows converting photos and PDFs to edit
  • Enables collaborating with employees in real-time


As per the studies, it is being told that due to the sudden outbreak of this deadly virus, employees are finding it more productive and healthier while working from home. The features and advantages of these tools and remote software show that technology plays a notable role in combating businesses during these tough times. By now, you must have decided the best software for your business to work remotely.

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