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The world is full of gamers with diverse interests. Some play different games which need techniques when others clutch onto simulation or racing games. Several gaming applications feature amongst the best and who understands that ones to pick better than the gamers themselves? In an interesting fact, RPG games came among the first genres to hit the domain of Android, but its craze has begun to provoke the games lately. 

Today we are going to discuss the 10 best role-playing games that represent a story-driven experience that appears packed with multiple facets such as a wonderful storyline, crafting characters, playing storylines, and is a mix of multiple other characters that insert much-required excitement in the game. 

  • The Banner Saga:

The Banner Saga is a tactical RPG battlefield on which the options are primarily made for the play directly creates a huge change in the gameplay. It comprehensively impacts the result of the play. The player begins as a leader who requires to save people from enemy clans’ wrath and heinous Drudge soldiers. The elusive realm infuses the myths of bastions and Vikings that are forsaken by the targets. It comes among the best RPG games where you will have more than 25 playable characters. 

  • Eternium:

Eternium could easily be compared to the great classic history and is considered one of the best free Android games. You can easily play this game with its simple controls such as “swipe to cast” and “tap to move”, the game is an appropriate child’s play. 

This game enables users to download the content that can the users play offline mode. Its lifting move control creates it more similar to a vintage point-and-click action RPG game and it seems better than thumbsticks every time.

  • Fire Emblem Heroes:

Any other best RPGs played by smartphones is the Fire Emblem series developed by Nintendo has been dismissing the smart device’s gaming for the last 25 years and still running successfully. This action-based game is prominently customized for touch screen displays and it took all various characters from the Fire Emblem universe. 

  • Darkness Rises:

With nail-biting gameplay and intense graphical presentation, you will be fall in love to take control of all these things that create the Darkness Rises one of the best role-playing games that ever appear. The story-telling of this game is so smooth that it looks like you are the lone savior of this world, the world’s fate lies completely in your hands and you have to save it from the demons who arrive from hell. So you need to head to hell itself to battle the demon and get the victory for saving the world.

  • Genshin Impact:

Genshin Impact is featuring among the most interesting fantasy games. It comes with an appropriately dramatic environment that centers around the Teyvat story. In this game, you will start your journey from an abandoned world where your siblings, cast off your powers and put you into a deep sleep. You will be awakened after several ages to search for a new world around. Now you will take off for a new journey to identify the answers, along with a various range of characters that are associating with this search. 

  • Star Wars: KOTOR

Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic is one amazing heroic action RPG game that has wide popularity among gamers around the globe and finally it comes in smartphones.  However, to adjust the game aura, this game delivers a similar experience as that of the originals. In order to make it happen, this game comes in large size and you need to keep your patience to download. 

  • Chaos Rings III:  

In 2010 Chaos Rings first arrived and since ten this best role-playing game series has able to produce a craze among game lovers. There was a huge admiration from the people and with that, the team of Chaos Rings came up and introduced this Chaos Rings Omega in 20111 and Chaos Rings II in 2012. The gaming experience is again refreshed with the appearance of a strong storyline of Chaos Rings III where a high-end soundtrack has led this game to a new level.

  • Another Eden:

Another Eden is an iconic free Android game that comes with intense game-play and it’s a game of adventurous excitement.  Here you will see a real-time entire world which you can explore and go for an adventurous journey around different continents and places to search for people who once lived there.  

  • Heroes of Steel RPG Elite:

Heroes of Steel RPG Elite might look like a common RPG theme-based game, but it has a concrete storyline that excites the player to become the last ray of hope for humanity and makes his journey in the post-period apocalyptic medieval Steel world. It counts as one of the most interesting and best RPG games

  • Final Fantasy Record Keeper:

One of the most exciting and best free Android games is Final Fantasy Record Keeper where you can easily relive the wonderful Final Fantasy moments once again. Here you can relive every single moment and need to save the world once more. Its series is one of the oldest ones which originated on 18th December 1987 and still going on with twelve different gaming series. 

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