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Best Screenshots Apps For Android Devices

Android devices are used by millions of people, because of its operating system that offers its users with abundant features. When it comes to taking a screenshot on your Android device, it is quite easy and hassle-free. You need to just hold the volume key and power button key together of your device to capture the screen. Through it is an effortless way of capturing any image on your Android phone’s but editing these images might be sometimes a tedious task.

To alter the screenshots you need to spend some spare time on your images or you have to move them to your laptop. To make the screen capturing procedure easier you can simply install the best screenshot apps for android and benefit from its amazing features.

Here in this write-up, we are going to chat about some Android screenshot apps that capture your interest and make the method of taking screenshots quite convenient for everyone.

Screenshots Apps For Android

Top 10 Screenshots Apps For Android

1. Super Screenshot

This screenshot app offers its users a broad range of benefits. It adds an integer of features on your phone that you are going to like very much. Well, the method of using this app is relatively hassle-free as you have to press the volume key and power key button to take a screenshot. But the finest part of this app is that you can also use the gesture feature. The app offers you quite a lot of options with the help of which you can make your screenshot impressive via adding text.


  • Easy to use
  • Text adding feature
  • Various filters
  • Free to use

2. Screenshot Touch

It is one of the best screenshot apps for android. With a range of capturing options and image, restoration features Screenshot Touch is used by people all across the world. The incredible qualities of the app not only help you in the restoration process but also offer a recording feature that helps in capturing the video on the screen. The vibrant features of the app make the editing method on the app easier.


  • Recording of the screen via video
  • Scroll capture
  • Image cropping feature

3. Touchshot

Now it is easy to capture an image with just one touch on this free screenshot app. The Touchshot app has made the screenshot taking the procedure further speedily. You can even perk up on the previous apps by providing an option to record your screen. Screen video features help you to record your screen activities. When you use the app, you can request the app to eliminate the status bar and other keys noticeable in the screen bar. This automatically makes the screenshot better and thus does not need any extra changes.


  • Screen capture
  • Recording feature
  • Editing
  • Improves quality

4. Screenit

It is yet one more screenshot app that makes the editing process stress-free. The app offers a range of editing options and filters that also helps you to make memes.

The Android phone-based app offers various color effects and text writing options that make your image more attractive. The finest part of this app that makes it special from other applications listed in this blog is that it hides the navigation bar automatically from the screenshots. To take pleasure in all the features of Screenit you need to unlock its premium version with an onetime purchase.


  • Photo editing options
  • Color effects
  • Message typing features
  • Automatic cropping of the navigation bar

5. Screener

If you are looking for Android screenshot apps that make your images even more attractive then choose the Screener app. It helps you to improve the look of your screenshots. With this app, you will get more than 100 frames and different material designs that add some unique effects to the image. Yet the app is user-friendly with an attractive interface. The screenshot taking procedure is effortless and you can also blur the backgrounds.


  • Add reflection and shadow,
  • Blur backgrounds feature
  • 100 handcrafted device frames
  • Various material designs

6. Screen Crop 

If you want to share a snippet of your image then what are you waiting for? Simply download this Android screenshot app and share your image in a better method. The app helps you crop the image as per your demand and you can instantly share it. The quick screen crop tile feature makes the method fast and seamless. To enjoy the limitless features of this app you just have a spend $0.99.


  • Quick screen capturing
  • Image Sharing option
  • No in-app purchases

7. Apowersoft Screenshot

This screenshot taking app is a free application and the process of setting up is also quick. It can be used by all Android device users. There are a lot of features like saving the image on cloud space and editing filters that make it exclusive from other applications. You can add text and emphasize the text in the image with Apowersoft Screenshot.


  • Cloud space
  • Image editor
  • Easily manage photos


8. Screen Grabber

If you want to grab a screenshot then download Screen Grabber and make the screen capturing practice straightforward and simple. The method is quite flexible as just one click helps you to share screenshots. To take the screenshot you just need to open it and press an icon. You can save the screenshots in Gallery or can share them with your friends right away.


  • One-click screen capture
  • Free to use
  • Screen record

9. Screenshot Capture Recorder

The screenshot capture recorder app is the best Android screenshot mobile app for developers. It offers an integer of features to its consumers at that free of cost. Well, this Android app is just similar to all other applications listed in this blog. Simple to use and multiple editing features.


  • Notifications
  • Editing options
  • Cropping

10. Screenshot Ultimate

It is the last application on our list, but it is the one that attracts your mind. It offers you multiple screenshot taking options. You can shake your phone, click on the icon or just press on the widget to take the screenshot. It is an amazing feature and for all special features you need to pay a few bucks for its pro version boosts your image capturing experience.


  • Edit taken screenshot
  • Multiple capture methods
  • Free!


In nutshell, several android applications make your screen capturing process easier. But to narrow down your search process and save your time you can download any of the applications mentioned in this blog.

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