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Smartwatches are becoming an integral part of our everyday life, hence, developers are more concerned about developing them more effectively by bringing new wearable apps. These days, smartwatches are primarily used for tracking health and fitness courses, alarm setting, exploring maps, and to do payments. 

Smartwatches are gradually taking the market as these are handier and comfy to use than smartphones. Smartwatches eliminate those hassles of pulling out your smartphone from your pocket to enjoy music, time, and weather checking. Today we are going to discuss the 10 best apps for Wear OS that can be applied almost every single day. All these apps could become more vital in our life for different tasks including entertainment, traveling, reminders, learning, etc. 

  • Google Maps:

One of the most famous smartwatch apps Google Maps could be download free of cost. With this app, you can calculate distances, locate virtual destinations, and navigate any place through maps. You do not require to put out your phone every time for reaching any destination due to the compatibility of this smartwatch app. It also offers alternate directions and routes for any same destination.

  • Shazam:

Shazam is an ideal music app that can be used to identify artists, rhythm, lyrics, and vocals. In this famous music play app, you will get multiple app features where you just need to create an account to use this app on different devices. Here you can also listen to your favorite Spotify or Apple Music playlists. It has an in-built dark pop texture that creates a cooler interface.

  • Dark Sky:

One of the best existing Wear OS is Dark Sky that can easily check real-time weather. This free app comes with several cool features which give you news about the exact rain timing, temperature updates, rain, or storm alerts on your wearable device. Moreover, you can also analyze the upcoming 7 days weather in advance. 

  • Google Keep:

One top-notch wearable OS app is Google Keep that enables you to make notes on your smartwatch. In this case, you do not require to pull out your smartphone from your pocket to note down anything. This app lets your wearable utilize its interface to register short notes and one can operate the saved note anytime. Moreover, here you can insert #labels to distinguish your important notes from others.

  • App in the Air:

If you are on a flight and still want to keep yourself updated offline, then you must use this App in the Air application without thinking twice. This is one of the most productive smartwatch apps that keep you updated with your real-time flight timing, airport tips, in-airport navigation maps, and boarding status. Now you can use this app to get automatic check-in for up to 2 passengers.

  • Uber:

One of the most widely used smartwatch apps existing in our market to book a cab is Uber. This app offers you all various features on your wearable device for cab booking with ease. You can also use this app to register rides in more than 10,000 cities all over the globe, and from nearly 600+ airports.

  • Wear Audio Recorder:

The recording audio app allows users to record surrounding sound and voice and Wear Audio Recorder is one amazing audio recording app that records your smartwatch’s sound. According to your choice, you can modify its audio quality and save recordings offline on dropbox and Google drive.

  • Calculator For Wear OS: (Android Wear)

Calculate For Wear OS is one impressive pocket calculator that comes in free of cost to enable you to calculate straightway from your smartwatch. Here you can also make voice command like “Ok Google” and begins the calculator on your smartwatch. This app could also be used for different basic and scientific calculations without any extra cost. 

  • Sleep As Android:

One of the top-notch wearable OS apps that keeps a monitor of your sleep routine. You can easily integrate it with your smartwatch device and it will apply various sensors to monitor your sleep. Besides that, it also can sensors to wake you up according to your pre-set routine.

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  • Cardiogram:

An innovative smartwatch app Cardiogram is developed to track your heartbeats and health tracks. The cardiogram app notices your stress, sleep, fitness, and health condition and shows you accurate things about your health. After tracking all physical activities and conditions it prepares wonderful charts and significant reports for your daily health.

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