Thursday, June 1, 2023
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The latest social media apps are like Snapchat, Whatsapp, Instagram, and Facebook have and extensive fame among the young generation and leading the social media industry through mobile devices. This revolution never came upon by social media websites.    

However, if we look deeper we will find something different where we can see both Facebook messenger and WhatsApp are owned by Facebook Inc. Thus you cannot see any tough competition between these two top social media platforms. 

Today we are going to check the top 10social media apps that will dominate the social media industry in 2021. Before arriving at the best 10 social media apps, here are some interesting facts and figures for you to know the global social media and internet position in 2021. 

  • 3.848 billion worldwide users of social media platforms up 9% year on year. 

Surprisingly, half of the world’s population nearly 7.715 billion people are using some or any social media platform. 

  • Telegram:

The top-popular app Telegram consistently developing and expanding its client base. What makes this app magnificent and distinguished is its security privacy feature. Users not only can use it for the general messaging app but you can use it as a business development app, where you can create your chatbots. Moreover, you can use the Telegram channel feature to send messages to multiple subscribers at once. It allows you to create a group of 2 lakh users. 

  • Meet Up:

The second best social media platform is Meet Up which aims to bring people together across different cities. However, to access this app user needs to spend some money on a  $9.99/month subscription plan or $29.99 for six months. It offers users to explore events and groups in several categories. 

  • Reddit:

Reddit is another best social media app that going to take peoples’ eyes in 2021. With advanced design and attractive features, this platform is becoming a happening place for users. It has a global discussion forum where you can participate in thousands of different topics and comment, downvote, or upvote posts.

  • LinkedIn:

LinkedIn is thought the newest social media app, fastest-growing professional platform for millions of users. It helps them to promote and do efficient businesses. It is also used for employing and marketing by businesses to settle their leadership and authority in different industries. Here you can find and hire people by advertising your business including content boosting, personalize ads, and display ads. 

  • Tapebook:

Tapebook is another newest social media platform that will bloom in 2021. Here users can record and engage through a short video or audio clips. You can also create audio logs or vlogs by solo recording and you can easily upload those content over the internet in real-time unlikely Instagram and YouTube. 

  • Instagram:

Instagram is one of the most widely using sensational social media platforms. The number of users all over the world is millions and increasing daily. In recent days, Instagram released IGTV which helps to make long-form of videos, and here you can also promote your businesses by simply creating a business profile.  

  • Facebook:

Messenger within Facebook was firstly formed for messaging but in 2011 Facebook has transformed Messenger into a separate social media platform and expanded its features. Facebook comes with a huge vista of features where you can make new friends, stay in contact with your family members without logging in. In fact, for business and advertisement, here you can create your chatbots, advertise your products, and send newsletters. 

  •  Twitter:

Twitter is one of the most famous social media apps that widely known for its real-time public microblogging network where people get the latest updates of news and all within an eye blink.  Here you can privately chat with followers and friends, see any viral hashtag news, sports, or other topics. 

  • Snapchat:

Snapchat is another wonderful social medial platform that already captured millions of users’ interests. Here you will have a unique feature like self-destructive ‘Snaps’ and the users can send a short video, picture as a message that automatically disappears within a few seconds. You can check out all earlier shared snaps in free cloud storage.


  • WhatsApp:

WhatsApp is the most commonly heard social media app from users parts. It surpasses all other famous social media platforms like Messanger, Instagram, Facebook and has become one of the most important social media platforms for most people. Here you can do messages, voice calls, video calls, and group video calls together. It automatically saved offline messages and backup your media, chats, or contacts.

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