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For the beginners, to intermediate to advanced mobile app designers, this write-up is for every ‘crazy about design’ mobile app designer. The top tools are enlisted here for designing mobile applications. The top mobile app designers having extensive experience recommend these tools for web and mobile app designing.

You must be a smartphone user. Aren’t you? Even if you are not, you must have experienced once using a mobile application. So what did you like the most in the design of that application? The style of button, typography, image quality, or something else? These are all parts of mobile applications’ key features that make the user experience easy and convenient. All mobile app designers strive to have that perfect design for their mobile applications. But at the same time, these designers have to be very careful in terms of every segment of the designing attribute they are planning to add to their mobile app development. Even a single discomfort to the user will lead him or her to uninstall the app. The varied audiences’ experience and wants need to be addressed by mobile app designers.

The best designers have crossed many rivers to make their user’s interaction with their mobile applications fast and effective. To do so, the most common issue that arises with the designers is choosing the right designing tool. The UI and UX designers sometimes find it hard to pick the right tool that fits their project well. Here we have compiled ten best tools for app designers for designing an app.

1. Adobe Experience Design (XD)

Adobe Experience Design (XD) is named among the best tools for app designers who are passionate about designing, prototyping with advanced tools, and UI surfaces. It is an ideal tool for app designers for creating website designs and mobile application designs. It also allows designers to bring their designs to motion with the help of an auto-animate feature. Bring your imagination into reality with the best tool for application design.

2. Sketch


Transform your simple mobile app design with the best tool for designing highly interactive mobile apps. World’s top mobile app development companies are using the Sketch tool to give a new life to your designs. This tool helps in editing vector graphics. It offers designers to save their designs and projects in formats like SVG, WebP, JPG, TIFF, PNG, and the like. The app designers preferably use it for showcasing their creativity.

3. Adobe Photoshop

Experience editing high-quality images and take your creativity to next with one of the best tools for app designers, Adobe Photoshop. You can turn your random projects or images into incredible work of creativity. Revamp the app design or pictures with different elements and text effects. The thousands of stylish pens, brushes, and markers help you get the image or product you want.

4. was the best thing that happened in the year 2011 in the world of mobile applications. For the designers who want fast work with high-fidelity prototypes, is a tool for them. This tool does not require the hectic task of coding. It helps in keeping the flow of the app in a smooth and user-friendly way. The app allows the designer to see the preview on a real device in no time.

5. Balsamiq


Your search ends at Balsamiq tool for designers who are looking for a perfect tool for designing the exemplary user interface, website design, and mobile applications. In the world of mobile app development, this tool is the fastest, smartest, and the one that makes designing fun. This tool allows designers to add, edit, and share UI wireframes from the Google drive. Apart from the highly-skilled designers, this tool is equally efficient for not-so-tech-savvy people.

6.  Flinto

Flinto tool is a dynamic tool for iOS mobile app designers. It is yet another efficient tool for creating a user-friendly mobile prototype to share and install on-device. Designers can create spectacular scroll animations with the availability of advanced vector drawing tools. This tool is also helpful in mobile app development owing to its navigation gestures.

7. InVision

Best-known for its proficient workflow and smooth user interface, InVision is a mobile application useful in comprehensive prototyping. This tool is designed with utmost simplicity and with easily accessible previews. It works amazingly both for all designers. You should get this tool designed with new features.

8. Marvel

Marvel’s platform is perfect for the creation of mobile prototypes for both Apple and Android Users. It allows the users to compile all their design elements in one place without putting much effort. The mobile app designers who are looking for a tool that is compatible with both android as wells as Apple devices, this is the right tool for you.

9. Origami Studio


Are you tired of searching the best tool for discovering, iterating, and testing your skills? Origami Studio is your one-stop MAC OS application that allows a user or a designer to view his or her mobile prototypes on a real device. It top ranks the MAC OS app designers’ list for effectively testing their thoughts and ideas without coding them. It is a perfect add on to the world of mobile app development.

10.  MindNode

If you are looking for a mobile application that makes the relationship mapping easier and convenient, MindNode is the perfect app for you. It helps in jotting down your wild running thoughts complied into place. It is the best tools for app designers who thrive for perfection. From simple cooking recipes to your most awaited travel diaries, you can jot down everything you want in a hassle-free manner.


With the emerging trends in mobile application advancements, the need for the best tools for app designers is also increasing. Among these different choices, it is hard to pick the right one for your web and mobile app design. Also, mobile app designers need to look for the potential cons associated with these tools while considering the pros.

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