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Best TV Streaming Apps In The World

The mobile app industry is upgrading and coming up with new facets each year. The upgrades are transforming the way we have been doing things traditionally. For the fact, if we think about how we used to watch TV, someone will think of the cable, and someone will think of the Antenna with the setup boxes.

With the advent of technology and our acceptance for it is transforming the way we watch TV and is evolving. Tv subscriptions are no longer entirely necessary as we have come up with better options that deliver a static connection & no obstacle while watching the favorite series/ soaps/ movies.

There are now a variety of ways to watch TV right on your mobile devices. It includes a new wave of live TV series. To be honest, video streaming is not a single term but also a vital requirement in current tech. In the internet-based modern world, the concept of entertainment has changed. People nowadays do not sit on the couch in front of the TV set and prefer using various TV video streaming apps on their smartphones. All you need is a subscription and an internet connection. Some of the world’s best TV streaming apps offer on-demand content, favorite television programs, and some offer both. Among the various online video streaming apps, some are considered as free of cost, and some need subscription fees to deploy the best services and offers.

TV Streaming Apps

10 Best TV Streaming Apps

1. HULU:

HULU is one of the biggest TV apps out there. It has everything a user needs, from the bunch of older shows to older seasons of the current show, movies, and more. The basic service costs from $7.99 per month to $12 per month. The live package for TV runs at $40 per month includes 50 channels. Users can also purchase an add-on for Showtime, HBO, and others. HULU started doing live TV makes it lie between the services of Netflix and Sling TV.


2. AT & T live:

It is one of the TV apps that does actual live TV. The lowest plan boasts 60 channels of live television. The highest tier gets up to over 120 channels. The developers of the app are consistently working on the app to get rid of all the bugs. The subscription plan goes from $45 to $60 per month. The app was earlier known as the DirecTV Now before it underwent a rebranding. The UI is outdated, yet many users prefer this streaming service.


3. Pluto TV:

A rare free TV service that boasts over 100 live TV channels and thousands of movies. The app also includes Chromecast support and apps for Android TV. It also gives you a functional UI and manages to stay free by omitting a lot of channels that require huge fees. It is a serviceable free live tv app and there is a ton of content from all kinds of channels. It a free live TV streaming app but it boasts ads. It doesn’t matter when you’re getting free services.


4. Netflix:

Everybody knows about Netflix. In the first place, it doesn’t do live TV but has a stockpile of TV shows. It includes current shows, old shows, and even anime. Netflix is the best way to catch up on some classics and have the most seasons. The non-HD subscription gets you $8 & $12 supports to four screens and UHD resolution where available. Netflix is the most popular of all the TV apps.


5. Sling TV

The app is probably now. The app is highly customizable and is two basic packages that go from $20 to $25 per month. You can add a bunch of packages depending on the needs. They have stuff for comedy, sports, kids, and HBO. The app comes with Chromecast support and has some bugs that need to work out. It is available on the tons of other devices aside from mobile and makes it one of the better live TV apps.


6. Sony crackle:

The best thing about the app is that it is free of cost. It is one of the better free options for video streaming. It has a variety of movies, TV shows, and other content. The app supports a lot of adverts, UI is highly manageable, and the selection isn’t bad for its price tag. The app has some bugs in the app version, which Sony will iron out soon. Overall, the app is enough-good for a free service.


7. VRV:

It is probably the best TV streaming service apps for content like indie, anime, and other unusual types of TV. The VRV is like the conglomeration of various services such as Crunchyroll, HiDive, Rooster Teeth, Geek and Sundry, Nicksplat, Nerdist, and many more. It is an outstanding source of old and indie television.



The online video streaming service offers to rent or buys the latest movies or TV shows. You can watch the recent TV shows along with released movies in high-quality print here. It also offers thousands of programs to stream. You can get your desired TV programs or videos on demand with limited ads.



9. Showbox

One of the leading video streaming apps for Android in the market. It supports HD quality and another resolution viewing. You can enjoy the latest TV shows or movies without disturbing ads.


10. HBO Now

HBO now is an on-demand video streaming subscription service and Android TV app that can instantly access all programs of HBO. You can come across various TV shows both old and new.


Here, I have provided the world’s best tv streaming apps. You can download the app and avail their services. Do tell us about the experience of the LIVE TV streaming apps in the comment section below.

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