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Best Yoga Workout App For Beginners- Are you working from home, and need a stretch break? Or, are you in search of inner peace amidst anxiety about Coronavirus? It could be time to think about yoga. Studies found that exercise would help ease tension. If you’re looking to boost versatility, keep track of your weight loss goals or seek to get toned with minimal resources, we’ve rounded up the best yoga applications, including a free beginner option.

10 Best Yoga Workout App For Beginners

So put on a pair of your most comfortable yoga pants, light up a few of your favorite scented candles, download best yoga workout app for beginners:

1. GLO- Yoga Fitness App Free

One of the Apple App Store’s top-ranked yoga fitness apps free. Glo offers more than 4,000 classes led by star yogis, like Kathryn Budig. Whether you’re looking for a yoga class for beginners or a meditation session, an option is available on this app.

The preferences are super flexible, too – you can filter based on daytime, type, level, and length as well. Or, it’ll build a yoga-based curriculum for you. Want to nail that headstand in the end? Feel for the first time what it is like to fly in crow pose? That is what the app is about.

2. YOGA STUDIO- Yoga Workout App

Yoga studio is the best yoga workout app for beginners. While there is a prenatal yoga section that is one of the big selling points of this app, you don’t have to be pregnant to use it – it includes 65 classes that will suit just about anyone of any skill level. Select a class that fits your period, or choose something you especially want to practice depending on your level of concentration.

If you have only a quarter of an hour and need to enhance your relaxation, or you want to work for a full hour on balance, you’ll find something to suit.

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3. FITSTAR YOGA- Free Yoga Training App

Strala Yoga founder Tara Stiles is at the forefront of this very personal app, perfect if you focus on specific fitness goals or try to hit a target weight. You can use customized practice sessions, fed to you depending on the details you enter; you can customize it based on your unique expectations and skills if you want anything else.

If you’re heading for a calorific target, if you’re looking to improve your heart rate, this is an app that allows you to track the benefits of the work you put in.

Yoga Training Free

4. DOWN DOG- Best Yoga Workout App

Down Dog is the best yoga workout app for beginners. Have you wanted to splurge on a session of one-to-one yoga? Down Dog gives you that feeling of personalization without having to leave home.

The app lets you tailor classes based on level, focus, voice!), (and even music. And with over 60,000 different configurations, you will not feel like you are practicing the same yoga over and over again.

5. YOGA STUDIO- Yoga Fitness App

Yoga Studio leads you through poses with HD video lessons, including more than 80 yoga and meditation courses, ranging from 10 to 60 minutes at any degree of difficulty. This has a wide catalog of over 280 poses which will be appropriate for most users. This app can serve novices and experts alike. It also works with Apple TV, so you can use AirPlay to play the videos.

The app lets you choose from a selection of background sounds or music, or you can use your music library to create a playlist. If you want to access all the features, you can pay a $2 monthly subscription or $20 for the year.

6. MINUTE YOGA- Yoga Workout App

MINUTE YOGA is the best yoga workout app for beginners. If there’s not enough time for an extended yoga session during the day, this app can help by offering five minutes of yoga activities. For beginners, the barebones app is perfect because it provides easy poses with a timer to make sure you ‘re doing them for five minutes.

There’s an extra premium membership that can be charged weekly or annually. Prices for the full upgrade vary from $2 to $10.

7. IYOGA- Yoga Fitness App Free

IYoga is the best yoga fitness app free for the users. You might find the pose videos a little strange here. We have. Instead of simply showing a master doing his thing, or displaying a standard animation, they highlight the pose from within the human body, illustrating exactly what you are doing with your muscles as you pull them off.

Creating your routines is a simple case of filling a timeline with poses from the extensive catalog of the app, whereby they are played back seamlessly as you work out – although you ‘re only given audio guidance as you go, so you’ll need to do a bit of revision in advance.

8. ALO MOVES- Yoga Training App

ALO Moves is the best yoga training apps for android. The ability to choose from thousands of classes — with new ones added daily — make Alo Moves a go-to for both yogis and fitness lovers in general. You can even download classes in advance for those times you’re off wifi with workouts that target specific areas such as abs or hamstrings, alongside mindfulness exercises, sound bath classes, and more beginner flows.

yoga fitness training


You could think of yoga as a tool to enhance flexibility or something to get you toned. That is it. Yet it’s more: this unique program focuses on the more meditative aspects of yoga, allowing you to learn the right relaxation techniques. This can bring real health benefits: better sleep, higher endurance, lower blood pressure, and much more.

Follow its extensive courses, and you’ll learn techniques that you can apply any time you’re doing yoga (or even when you’re sat at your desk). There’s not much emphasis on poses, so you’re going to need another app for that, so that’s a perfect way to boost your other talents.

10. DAILY YOGA- Yoga Fitness App Free

Yoga is a perfect way to work off the extra weight, whether you’re after a completely toned stomach or even a marginally improved all-around feel. Daily Yoga offers meditation, but with all skills, it also adds in Pilates, Vinyasa, and HIIT to a completely rigorous workout.

Through the class plans, you can work on technique and focus, or drill down to more specific targets: weight control, body sculpting, strength, and beyond. The instructions are lucid enough that you’ll at least know how to do the most complex moves, even if your body doesn’t cooperate.


You know that yoga is great for you — it increases flexibility, makes you stronger, and delivers some serious relief from stress. But making it into the class isn’t always easy.

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