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Bodybuilding Apps For An Easy Workout

The ongoing COVID-19 pandemic has taken a lot from humanity. The economic structure of the country, people’s health, and wealth all went through hell. During the pandemic, staying at home was the only activity to look upon, and many were left hopeless during these testing times.


With less physical activity and no gyms available for workout amid lockdown, people started to lose their body shape, and obesity stuck them. A swollen tummy was always visible that didn’t suit any of them. With the work from home phase still in continuation, I have come up with a post that talks about workout apps. So without any further ado, let’s start with the compilation.


10 Eminent Bodybuilding Apps



The first app on the list is BodySpace. The app is a collection of workout videos and tips amalgamated with Facebook. It lets the users track their exercises and can connect with other fitness freaks for motivation and inspiration. 


The apps also let users plan their workout sessions and provide instructional videos and written tips, along with the full workout plans created by trainers. You can download the app for both iOS and Android devices.



Fitness and Bodybuilding

The next app on the list is Fitness and Bodybuilding. It is a comprehensive workout app designed for workouts offering several workout plans ranging from fitness, bodybuilding, and powerlifting. 


Plus, you can also glance through the previous videos and get an idea of how you did in the past. One of the most alluring things about this app is, it comes with a workout calendar that displays when your next workout day is. You can download the app for free on both iOS and Android platforms.



You Are Your Own Gym

Based on the bestselling workout book by Mark Lauren, the app gives you all the recommended tips you need before setting off on your bodybuilding career. This app offers more than 200 bodyweight training exercises to lend you enough info to train your muscle.


The workouts mentioned in this app were designed for US Special operations soldiers giving you the feeling of learning from the best. It is available for free downloads across Android and iOS platforms.




The GainGuy app focuses on helping you gain muscle and train towards body fitness. The app aids you keep a check on your eating habits and maintain a healthy diet to build muscle. It is more of a diet guide as the app doesn’t offer workout information.


Users can set reminders for mealtime and also set their own weight goals. The app definitely lives up to its name and can be downloaded for free on both iOS and Android platforms.




JEFIT is more of a workout tracker that offers an extensive library of workout videos and photos along with the training material. The app is tailor-made for building muscles and cutting down on the unnecessary fat from the body.


The app also offers a monthly fitness challenge that helps you remain fit, and you can even earn money if you are motivated. The primary objective of the company is to see every user motivated and help them build the body they desire.



Fitness Buddy

The Fitness Buddy app is specifically meant for iOS devices. The app comes with extensive features making you feel like you are in a gym. The app gives you access to different exercises targetting specific muscle groups. With Fitness Buddy, you can add a variety of exercise to your bicep routine and can boot this app up and get access to new ideas



Female Fitness

As the name suggests, Female Fitness is an app best suited for females for their fitness regime. Women can lose weight in the most aspiring manner via this app by burning belly fat, having a tined butt, slim legs, trimmed waistline, and also get into a perfect shape. To get the best workout experience without using any equipments, this app is certainly the best.



BAU5 Workout

BAU5 is considered one of the best weight training apps. Specifically designed for those seeking weight training, BAU5 provides users with instructions on how to perform lifts and generates a series of sets according to the body type of every individual. The app is specifically available for iOS users for free. 




The Strongur app is designed for those who are dedicated to bodybuilding. The app offers a comprehensive workout routine that tracks all the aspects of your weight lifting but its main feature is the collection of weightlifting workouts that cohesively focus on different muscle groups and lifting styles. Use this app to improvise your workout routine and pack a punch. Available on the iOS platform, the app supports both Apple Health and Apple Watch.



Navy SEAL Fitness

The final app on the list is Navy SEAL Fitness. The app is tailor-made for those who want to take their bodybuilding one-step ahead. The app provides more knowledge and a greater variety of exercises.

Apart from the exercises provided, the app also gives information regarding diet and workout strategies incorporated by Navy SEALS to intensify their flexibility, cardiovascular fitness, and overall strength. For those who want to take their bodybuilding to a whole new level, this app is definitely worth it. The app is available for the iOS platform.


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Final Verdict: 

If you are too lazy to go to the gym and get a chiseled physique, try these bodybuilding apps and start your fitness regime at home. And do not forget to share your experience of using these apps in the comments section below.

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