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Useful Apps To Install During COVID-19

Covid-19 or Coronavirus has made taken many human lives and made many of them miserable. Terms like lockdown, self-isolation, social distancing, etc that we used to hear rarely have become a part of our lives now.

During these torrid times, when everyone was forced to stay back in their premises, smartphones, laptops, and tabs were a few things wherein people spent a significant amount of time courtesy of some interesting apps. In this post, we have listed the ten best apps that are a must-have during the pandemic. So, without wasting any further time, let us discuss the same.


10 Most Useful Apps To Install During COVID-19



The first app on the list is the NHS App. The app allows you to view your medical records and book GP appointments. It is a trustable app that lets users search trusted NHS information and advice related to the COVID-19 symptoms. If a user finds positive symptoms of COVID-19, they can get instant medical aid. The app is available for free download on the Android platform.


COVID-19 Tracker

As the name suggests, the app tracks the symptoms of the virus and helps in minimizing the rate of infection to others. If someone tests positive, the app will alert all the contacts so that they don’t get infected. The app also lets you update your information as the symptoms changes. It is definitely a must-have app during the pandemic and is available for free download on Android.



Well, this app doesn’t need any introduction. During the lockdown phase when people were forced to work from home, apps like Zoom helped them stay connected with their office management via video calls. You can download Zoom on both iOS and Android devices.



The fourth application on the list is TraceTogether.- This a free app created by some individuals in Singapore amid the COVID-19 outbreak. The app works via Bluetooth and helps users curb the spread of the pandemic through contact tracing. You can download the app for free on your Android and iOS devices.



This application is majorly available for download in the US. It is termed as one of the most useful apps for disease control and prevention. It is an organization in the US that has taken the form of a mobile app. The objective of the app is to provide updated notifications to users. It also advises them on how to protect themselves and treat symptoms. The app offers a map that updates every midday and tracks the confirmed positive cases in the US.



If you are willing to put a tab on your thoughts regarding the COVID-19, this is one app that you should bank on. The app comes with a plethora of features that help in assessing your mental health and physical well-being. Apart from this, the app offers a mood tracker that aids in reflecting on your thoughts. You can download the app for free on both iOS and Android devices.



The next application on the list is Rave. The app lets you hang out with your friend online by watching streaming services without meeting them physically. Rave offers movies, short films, web-series, etc.- That you could enjoy with your friends by synchronizing video playback. Also, you can group chat with your friends while streaming.



Fitness is something everyone compromised amid lockdown. However, the fitness freaks kept themselves busy with home workouts using fitness apps. One such app is NEOU. It offers a range of live and on-demand classes, featuring top trainers and workouts (from ten minutes to 90), including Bootcamp, dance, and barre. The app is available on both iOS and Android platforms.



Freedom keeps you isolated from all the unwanted stuff like news updates about coronavirus, your friends’ endless memes on Whatsapp, etc. With Freedom, you can set user limits on most Android devices as it allows you to block distractions on all your devices. You can use the app by turning off notification noises and keep up with technology.



The last application on the list is Wordfeud.- This is a serious application for those who are a fan of playing puzzles and Scrabble. In Wordfeud, you challenge your friends to find high scores when landing on double letters, double word, triple letters, or triple word tiles. It is one amusing application to help you kill your boredom and learn some new and captivating words by improving your vocabulary.


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Time to wrap up: 

So this list compiles 10 of the must-have applications that you should install in your smartphones during the testing times of COVID-19. Install the above-mentioned applications and try them at least once. In case I have missed any of your favorites names, feel free to mention them in the comment section. And also, share your experience of using any of the mentioned applications with us.

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