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In 2008, the iOS app store was established, since after we get accessibility to use millions of applications. In order to accomplish your daily work, you might take the help of different apps regularly.  However, what do you think about those iPhone apps that have also available on the app store that offers the best usability features but yet unable to catch audiences’ eyes. 

 Apple App Store consists of numerous hidden apps that are well designed and have a certain potential to offer you the best solutions. Today, we have come with the 10 most exciting iOS applications from millions of App Store applications that you should not miss at all. Let’s look at those apps-

  • 1Password:

1Password is one of the most useful iPhone apps that helps users to recall their forgotten passwords. It helps you to keep all your passwords safe and secure behind a single password that only you can know. This best application acts as a password manager where you need to add a password and then it convert into a password generator to strengthen it from unwanted hackers and misusers. 

  • Due:

Due is particularly a reminder app that always reminds you to finish the list of your scheduled tasks. It is effective and persistent for Auto Snooze at various intervals. You also have a quick reminder setting option and you can also postpone it whenever you want. This application comes with a stunning time picker and a normal date parsing feature. 

  • IFTTT:

IFTTT is basically an applet that helps you to get in touch with more than 600 Google Drive, Twitch, Telegram, Twitter, Instagram, and Weather Underground.  It also allows you to connect with Google Home and Amazon Alexa on your smart iPhone devices. 

  • Nomorobo:

According to a wide number of users, this is one of the best iPhone apps that can instantly block disturbing robocalls, spam messages, telemarketing, and other unwanted calls. You can download this app to eliminate any kind of hassle or disturbance and can bring peace to your life from such phone scammers. 

  • YouCam Video:

  One of the most interesting free video editing app, that helps you to edit different style footage like landscape, portrait, and more. Moreover, with the help of enlarged features like hair color changer, makeup editor, face filters, shopping, and photo effects. Not only these effects are all nut it also has a huge choice of striking  AR effects to accelerate your video content with just a single tap. The UI of this app is pretty simple and it allows you to share those videos and photos on different social media platforms like TikTok, Snapchat, and more. 

  • PopFaces:

PopFaces is an exciting free iPhone app that delivers you the completely right information about your favorite celebrities. This app has an in-built real-time identification technology that gives you real-time information within a fraction of seconds. Here you can see a wide list of celebrities and stock your favorite celebrity to keep updated about them. 

  • Betternet:

Betternet is one of the most interesting iPhone applications that you must not forget to install to get secured VPN data encryption services. This ensures your browsing locations and data will remain always encrypted and private in every way. It saves you from malicious cyberattacks and protects your data from the heinous hand of hackers.  

  • Apollo:

Apollo remarks as one of the top-listed familiar apps among all iPhone users as their image editing solutions. It comes with several features including multiple effects of light and various filter options. It helps you to make your clicked image more gorgeous and it supports multiple Apple devices like iPhone 8 Plus, 7 Plus, Xs, X, Xs Max, or XR. 

  • Overcast:

Overcast is receiving users’ love and fame day by day as it turning to be an unstoppable unique podcast player. This app claims to deliver an amazing podcast-playing experience to all iPhone users. This wonderful smart app comes with a plethora of new features that you cannot ignore at all like Smart Playlist, Smart Speed, and Voice Boost. Users can listen to the podcast from many other places like events, and news shows.


  • JustWatch:

Despite searching different contents and shows on YouTube and browsers, you can download now JustWatch to watch your favorite shows, movies, and web series in one place. This is the best free iPhone entertainment app that lets you know from where you can watch your favorite content.  Installing this app helps you to get free from such complicated video searching and other browsing activities because you can now check every new thing in JustWatch.

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