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100 Doors Game App Review


100 doors: Escape from School is a brain puzzle game suitable for users aged 12 and older. The game aims to unlock doors by solving several problems using your general knowledge skills and logic. Translated into 22 languages with 140 levels, the game is a great pastime and can be quite a challenge for your grey cells. Here we are writing app review of this game.


Upon initiating the game, you are introduced to Mya, the main character of the game. She’s more of a mascot than a character, but she shows up from time to time with notifications and other dialogues. Given that the game is translated into 22 different languages, you can choose your language or play in English, whatever suits you better. The first several levels are a tutorial where the developers are guiding you and showing you the basic mechanics so that you know what to do once you’re on your own.

As you move through the game, you find yourself all over the school: classrooms, basement, schoolyard, gym, etc. Each level presents a different challenge corresponding to the room you find yourself in. For example, in the Chemistry lab, the problems and puzzles you need to solve are related to chemistry, be it formulas or reactions. In the garage, you’ll have to be a bit of a mechanic to be able to solve some riddles. Or in the history room, you’ll be asked questions related to various world history topics. You will be asked to use your knowledge and all sorts of props found in the rooms to solve problems at hand to unlock the door and move onto the next level. Some levels have specific time limits, or you have to fill up a progress bar to be able to open the door, while with others, you can take your time and do it at your own pace. If you get stuck, you can use help in the form of hints and skips. With each level passed, you accumulate coins which you can use later on to get more help if needed. Certain levels are super easy and very quick to pass, but some will have your mind spinning before you know it.


  • 140 levels with a variety of puzzles and problems to solve covering a vast scope of knowledge and skills
  • Different rooms – art, chemistry, music & history classrooms, library, gym, cafeteria, etc.
  • Lucky spin for free hints
  • Cool mechanics with lots of fun animations
  • Translated into 22 languages: English, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, German, Russian, Turkish, Japanese, Korean, Polish, Czech, Danish, Swedish, Ukrainian, Arabic, Hungarian, Indonesian, Romanian, Thai, Chinese, Serbian


The game itself is free to play for most stores. It’s got a fair amount of ads, but you can finish the game and not spend any money on it, except for Amazon, where it is $4.99, but there are no ads whatsoever. However, if you’d like to move faster or need extra help and do not want to wait, you can get a variety of in-app packages for quite a reasonable price, and all purchases remove ads as well (but any purchase is optional). The bottom line, if you’re OK with watching ads to get more help and are patient enough, you can go through the entire game free of charge.


Being educational and fun to play, the game offers many benefits. Firstly, you get to check how good your general knowledge is when it comes to many areas of study, like biology, art, history, music, etc. Secondly, you will learn a lot while playing the game. What is more, you will be required to use your brain to come up with solutions, which will further develop your logical skills and improve your knowledge overall. Finally, the game is fun to play, and as you keep advancing through the levels, you get addicted and excited to see what lies behind the next door, which makes this game an excellent source of learning while having fun. It is just as suitable for adults as it is for teens so long as you’ve got some basic knowledge of math, science, and social sciences.


Causal, Brain & puzzle games



Operating System

When it comes to requirements, there is nothing special you need to have on your device to play the game. You can play it on your mobile devices or desktop computers, whichever suits you better.

Android: 5.0 and up

iOS: iOS 9.0 or later. Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch

Steam: please, check Steam for requirements

 Download The Game

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