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Selecting a perfect keyboard application for Android devices is nearly searching a needle in a haystack or you can say it almost having an amazing shell by the seashore. It seems immensely difficult because it has numerous alternatives available. All junior programmers or start-up app developers begin their journey by either designing a calculator app or a keyboard app. 

Keyboards are the fundamental things to communicate with people these days through our smartphones, and it helps to develop our finger muscle memory in frequent usages. Even though we have Voice search or Google Assistant advanced features, texting is still a common habit for most smartphone users. 

Are you confused about which keyboard app will match your latest Android smartphone? Then we will say don’t be confused anymore! In this writing, we will talk about some of the best keyboard apps of 2021 that make it easier to type for Android users. 

  • Gboard

Like Google always has their solution, they have their own keyboard too, named Gboard. This app takes top place in our list because it has a wonderful autofill predictions feature. Hence, it is considered a time-saving app for the most. You will also have a ‘swipe to write’ feature along with several customization options like add color or background image, etc. 

  • SwiftKey Keyboard

SwiftKey keyboard app is a tough competitor of the Gboard app but unable to beat it. However, it has always been remain peoples’ choice keyboard app like it now. This app might call the pioneer of word prediction and smooth swipe typing techniques. Apart from these, it has many fun features included, such as custom gifs, emojis, and stickers. 

  • Go Keyboard

Go Keyboard is though counts under the old-school keyboard application for several years, many Android users who are still using old OS-based smartphone for almost eight or nine years happy to use this app. It has 4.5 Google Play Store ratings because of its customizable features. You will get more than 100 fonts including Basileia, Toshiyana, and Rayna. Moreover, you will get affluent emoticons along with different emojis. It allows users to select and set their gallery picture on the keyboard backgrounds. Users can also change keyboard style in QWERTZ, AZERTY, and QWERTY. 

  • Fleksy

Fleksy is a customizable adjustable separate keyboard app that considers users to type, share, and search. The company also claims in the crowd as the “fastest keyboard in the world”. It offers a private search engine for private web searches. Fleksy also considers deleting unwanted words and typos a breeze by the single left wipe features to the left side to make clear off for that word. In users’ privacy measurements, Fleksy gives immense importance and it is the only app all over the world where any typed-in message remains between users only. 

Fleksy also stands at the top regarding the fastest prediction ability. In this scenario, this application beat all other top-ranked apps like SwiftKey and Gboard


  • ai.type Keyboard Plus + Emoji

On Google Play Store, it prices near about $5, but once you purchase it, you don’t need to worry about ads. This app’s latest version a.type 8 is consists of all-new iOS 9 emojis. Hence, iPhone users won’t feel excluded. You will get uncountable themes to use and even, a user is allowed to create their own theme and also can share them with their friends. According to the user’s writing style, this app serves its important prediction feature. 

Currently, many users giving objections against this app because a huge number of bugs have been reported so far. This is the reason why this keyboard stands at the bottom of our list otherwise it might get a better position in the above. 

In the end, we can say the above-mentioned Android keyboard apps are the most effective and easy-to-access apps to type. We hope our shared information will help you to choose your favorite keyboard app for super-fast typing on your Android device.

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