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5 Mobile App Trends Of 2021

The mobile era keeps on lending new surprises with the regular surge in technology. Along with smart apps, people are getting smarter, and they demand more from technology. Over the years, mobile apps have evolved with sheer precision, and along with it, trends also keep on changing.


Technological advancement has always influenced the mobile industry, and this process is expected to flourish in the future as well. Technologies like IoT (Internet of Things), Artificial Intelligence are more adaptable in the future, but its roots have already been formed that assures prominence. So, in this article, we will be discussing the top five technology mobile app trends that are all set to influence mobile development in 2021. 


5 Best Mobile App Trends


1. Internet of Things (IoT)

Connected home appliances are something no one would have ever imagined not even in their wildest dreams. But, the Internet of Things aka, IoT has made this possible now.


IoT is a network of inter-connected devices that offers automated control and top-notch convenience to the user. It is basically a digital interconnection of devices making them smart.


One of the basic examples of the Internet of Things is the Google Home speakers. Connected over a Wi-Fi network, you can ask the speaker for anything and play songs. You can also create reminders and to-do list over voice command. This falls under the category of smart home technology.



2. Augmented and Virtual Reality (AR and VR)

Mobile applications have found the right path ever since the development of ARCore by Google for Android applications, and APKit by Apple for iOS applications. 


The AR and VR development is a revolution in itself and is often pipped as the Next Big Thing. Realistic images, sounds, and other intrusive effects have all been possible due to Augmented and Virtual Reality. 


The immense popularity of the two technologies could be measured by the fact that there will be around 2.5 billion AR capable smartphones by 2023, and this market will boom with a worth ranging to $70 million. Great numbers, certainly!



3. 5G Technology

Browsing or downloading, when speed reaches 100 Gbps, it is riveting fast. The use of new radio frequencies will boost this speed to a whole new level with 5G. The technology is designed in a manner to compute-intensive apps like augmented reality, 4K video streaming, and virtual reality as well.


It is expected that the 5G technology will be leading the standard data transmission with 1.4 billion devices globally in the next five years. Apart from being fast, the 5G technology is also expected to go light on pockets and will be a revolution on its own. The 5G network with its wireless and cellular services will embark functionalities including,

  • Data security
  • 3D gaming
  • Augmented and Virtual reality



4. Cloud-based Mobile Applications

Cloud has made life easy for everyone with unlimited storage capacity. In 2020, the cloud services market revenue elevated by 17% with total revenue of $266.4 billion, compared to $227.8 billion in 2019.


The numbers are outrageous due to the flexibility and scalability of cloud technology and the urge to keep on growing. Your data is safe and secured, and cloud technology could be incorporated into mobile application development. This helps in saving on development costs and provide a full-fledged and better customer experience. Not only in 2021, but cloud technology is expected to last beyond as well.


5. Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning (AI and ML)

Using AI in mobile apps is beyond prominence. The rapid growth of artificial intelligence is driving a whole new class of mobile app possibilities. Both mobile apps development and Artificial Intelligence are seamless, and AI could be embedded using chatbots or context-aware sensors in smartphones.


E-commerce giant eBay has been using AI in its mobile apps and has witnessed immense success. Besides, in recent times, an app named “FaceApp” made all the right noises. It was all due to its phenomenal use of Artificial Intelligence (AI). The app used to add filters in your photo to make one look older or younger than their current age. This new approach has eventually led companies to engross a total revenue of $1 million as of October 2019 over Artificial intelligence and Machine learning.


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Time to wrap up: 

Besides the mentioned ones, many other trends are assured to take 2021 by storm. If you wish to build mobile apps for today, the use of the latest technologies is what you should be looking forward to. The mobile app market is continuously booming, and these trends are surely the way to go ahead in 2021.

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