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Best Virtual Reality Apps For 2020

Gone are the days when virtual reality was just a gimmick that was meant for sci-fi movies. We have come a long way since then. A huge kudos to all the app development companies and app developers who are breaking all possible barriers just to put this technology out there.

The whole motive behind making that statement was to let you guys know what we can expect from this sophisticated piece of technology in the future.

Did you know that 1968 is marked as the year when the mankind came across with the first-ever VR head-mounted display? There are great chances that you didn’t, but it doesn’t mean we are judging you.

Before we get right into the list of best VR apps of 2020, we thought it would be right to let our viewers know why exactly we need Virtual Reality apps in the first place.

Whether you believe it or not, but there has been a ridiculous rumor that VR apps are solely designed for gaming, which to be honest is further from the truth. If you think that too, then let us tell you that it is more complicated than you think it is. Again thanks to all the wonderful minds working behind the desk, VR headsets have been made available quite extensively.

Brands like HTC, Oculus, Sony PlayStation are emerging as some of the groundbreaking innovators.

Uses of VR Apps

  1. Automotive Industry
  2. Retail
  3. Healthcare
  4. Real Estate
  5. Tourism
  6. Architecture
  7. Learning Development
  8. And last but certainly not the least Entertainment

5 Best Virtual Reality Apps Which You Need To Lookout

1. Allumette

If you want to experience something extraordinary then this might just be “the” app for you. This is a VR stop-motion film that’ll take you to the journey with a young girl in a Cloud-Bourne village. If you are not convinced by it yet then let us tell you that in this film you’ll act as a camera.

The film is all about exploring a dreamy world. However, don’t ever consider this a game, because it a beautifully drawn narrative. The best part about Allumette is that its characters are complete mute, which means you are left with great sceneries. This 20-minute narrative is probably the best VR experience you can have.

2. Titans of Space Plus ($10)

Have you ever wondered how would it be like if you could travel through the night skies and explore the world like never before? If yes! Then you are here for a treat. As the name suggests, Titans of Space is an immersive journey to the unexplored planets and moons of the solar system. In this journey, you’ll fly across the cosmos with nothing but your VR headset.

Not only it sounds exciting, it is extensively informative at the same time. This app will take you on a guided educational trip which you won’t forget easily.

3. Google Earth

Since we are talking about best VR apps, we’ve got to mention the GOAT (Greatest of All Time). When VR was making its way through various markets, the only app that offered us the taste of VR was Google Earth. If you like geography or just want to explore, then don’t look any further because Google Earth is here for you.

What sets this app apart is its quick-nav menu that’ll take you wherever you want in just a click or two. Now that we are stuck with Covid-19 lockdown, this might be the right time to knock yourself out with this app. Just kidding!!

4. Ocean Rift

Are you looking for a VR application that can take you to the depths of oceans? Well, we are pleased to tell you that your search has finally come to an end. Ocean Rift is said to be one of the most innovative and informative VR apps ever developed. You are free to explore the 12 never-ending habitats with complete leisure.

It lets you observe marine life which to be honest is quite an interesting subject in itself. The app can be extremely calm as the only thing you’ll hear is the water which we all know is soothing.

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5. Tilt Brush

In order to use this app, you’d have to use motion sensors like HTC Vive or the Oculus Rift Touch. As the name suggests, this app lets you air brush 3D paintings with ease and in colors, you can possibly think of. We came across the fact that the motion sensor technology used in this application is on-point which means whatever you are thinking of can be drawn in a 3D space.

The best part of this Virtual Reality App, even if you are not a creative individual to start with, this app will bring out that side of yours. The app isn’t just about painting, it also lets you add cool effects just to make your creation more pleasing and “out of this world”. So, if you are looking for something different and creative then do make sure to give this app a try.

The Wrap Up

This list was created with utmost research with the sole motive to provide our readers with something they can look up to in the future. You see, VR is an ever-growing piece of technology which is expected to take over the world in the coming times, what we are doing is just letting you know that “change is coming, you better be ready for it”.

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