Tuesday, May 30, 2023
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With the iPhone 11, its upgrades are finally out; the world currently witnesses the surfacing of powerful gadgets that exist. But Apple does not bolt its door here, there’s more to it.
Less than a week after the launch of the revolutionizing iOS 13, Apple delves deeper with its maiden upgrade. The newest iOS update is simple to install and is voluntarily accessible for download even on older devices such as iPhone SE and iPhone 6S.

How to install iOS 13.1 Update?

It’s quite simple to download. You shall finally get the update alert but in case you do not, here’s what you need to do.

Step 1: Go to settings

Step 2: Click on General

Step 3: Select the Software Update

Once you follow the above process, you download shall commence immediately.

What’s New in iOS 13.1?

iOS13 Mobile App diary
With only a fistful of slight bug fixes, Apple made it accessible
To the users on September 24th, 6 days before the originally planned date. Not only bug fixes but in the new iOS update, you can explore an array of new things that will make your smartphone experience livelier. Recently, a loggerhead with Android Q, the iOS 13.1 update has lots of new things to explore in maps, display, battery, music, etc.

1. ETA Sharing Facility via Apple Maps:

The iOS 13 update has made navigation map sharing so compatible that now wherever you go traveling, you can share the Estimated Time of Arrival (ETA) with your contacts. One more extra feature of this latest iOS system is that if by any chance you’re reaching later than the calculated time; the contact with whom you have shared your ETA will be notified immediately.

2. Adjustable Icons for Volume Slider:

Either they are Airpods or Homepods, the type of device is displayed on your screen. Also, the volume control feature has been readjusted to the upper-left corner of the screen so that the content on your display is clearly visible minus interruptions.

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3. Get Set Grooving: The Karaoke Mode:

In the latest iOS update, you get a zesty new change to your podcast. Before, the lyrics of a song used to come into view in a plain text format but the 13.1brings in the Karaoke vibe along. You only need to tap the new lyrics button to stream the words and get into the singsong mode on the spot.

4. Zesty, Feisty Dynamic Wallpapers:

One of the main reasons why this is the next big iOS update is the method it adds dynamism in wallpapers when you switch between light and dark. Just pick up your phone and change it from the light mode to the dark mode and your phone will automatically optimize it to give you the foremost display. Simply, put AI at its best.
In this subsequently big iOS update, you also get to plan the dark mode as per your convenience. You can schedule it as per the sunrise and sunset timings of your region. You can also perform it yourself according to the places you’re visiting. For example: if you’re in a movie theatre, you need to switch it to Dark mode and reverse it again when you’re on the street under the radiant sun.

5. Smart Aging- Improved Battery Healthcare:

This comes with the iOS 13 update as well. Smart charging conserves the health and age of your battery. It lasts longer than it used to last before. For iPhones XR, XS and XS MAX, a special performance management feature has been added, which prevents the devices to switch off out of the blue. Amusingly, the new iOS for iPhone also has the option to disable this feature as well.


The iOS 13 has previously triggered ripples amongst iPhone users, and with the 13.1 update, it definitely vests itself into higher grounds. With Apple’s frontier is rising stronger day by day, people are flocking to the App Store to cave in their apps. This shows why the company is proudly introducing software updates in a spree.


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