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Best VR Headsets That Will Remodel Technology In 2021

Virtual Reality is the next big thing in technology that is going to take the gaming experience to a whole new level. 4-5 years back, no one would have imagined that there will be a thing called a VR headset that will revolutionize the gaming experience, having said that, we are here to witness something extravagant with Virtual Reality.

A quality VR headset doesn’t compromise on any scale whatsoever. They come with advanced features like advanced tracking and 6DoF i.e. 6 degrees of freedom that accurately translates your movements into the game world packing, so many pixels. This experience lets you feel like you were there.


VR headsets nowadays are available in different models that can run on modest hardware as well as highly exiled ones. They fit in all budget range so that the buyer can look for quality along with different features.


In this comprehension, we have rounded up some of the best picks of the bunch to aid you in finding a quality VR headset that will offer you one hell of a gaming experience like never before. Let us start then.


Top 5 VR Headsets That Will Remodel Technology


1. Oculus Quest 2

The first on the list is Oculus Quest 2. This is one highly-rated VR headset that has taken the market by storm. Oculus Quest 2 has a sharper resolution with 1832*1920 pixels per eye, and its display can run at up to 90Hz giving a smooth experience.


There’s a power upgrade in the internals as well. The update comes with Snapdragon XR2 outperforming the old Snapdragon 835 chip that is featured in the Oculus Quest. The headset could be connected to a PC over the Oculus link and run it like a connected VR headset. Oculus Quest 2 costs $300, $100 cheaper than its previous version.


Platform: Standalone, PC

Resolution: 1832*1920 (per eye)

Refresh Rate: 90 Hz

Field of View: 100-degrees

Tracking: 6 DoF

Weight: 1.1 Pounds



2. PlayStation VR

The PlayStation VR is compatible with Sony’s Play Station gaming console. The VR headset uses your PS4 to run games instead of going for an expensive PC. 


It is a good headset if you are predominantly looking for PS4. However, in terms of specs, it is still a bit reeling behind its competitors. The PlayStation VR sports a single 1920*1080 display that is quite less to the sharper per-eye displays of the other headsets. Also, its tracking is not as good as the Oculus Rift S or HTC Vive. With all said and done, the games included in PSVR are still high-end, and you can enjoy them playing anytime.


The cost of the headset alone is $220, however, if you wish to go for a bundle with controllers and a camera, it will cost you around $350. On a budget basis, the bundle seems to be more pocket-friendly.


Platform: PS4, PS4 Slim, PS4 Pro

Resolution: 960*1080 (per eye)

Refresh Rate: 120 Hz

Field of View: 100-degrees

Tracking: 6 DoF

Weight: 1.34 Pounds



3. Oculus Rift S

The Oculus Rift S is considered the best VR headset for PC. It made all the right noises as the first consumer VR headset for PCs. The headset is light, and the Oculus Touch controllers are great that allows for every basic finger tracking.


Predominantly suitable for the PCs means, you get a better image quality than the Quest but with a slightly lower per-eye resolution i.e. 1280*1440. Like the Oculus Quest, Rift S costs $400 and requires a capable gaming PC to play.


Platform: PC

Resolution: 1280*1440 (per eye)

Refresh Rate: 80 Hz

Field of View: 110-degrees

Tracking: 6 DoF

Weight: 1.2 Pounds



4. HTC Vive Cosmos

The HTC Vive Cosmos is another PC VR that is ranked as one of the best wireless PC VR. It comes with a first-generation Vive and the eventual Vive Pro, but HTC Vive Cosmos is the latest vying for the virtual attention.


It offers a sharper resolution for each eye i.e. 1440*1700 per eye combing to 2880*1700. The display also uses small LCD panels that rung at 90 Hz for the smooth playback required in the VR. The headset comes with 6 tracking cameras, super visual fidelity, and a convenient flip-up design.

HTC Vive is considered among the high-end VR devices, and that is why it is high on price. It will cost you around $ 699.


Platform: PC

Resolution: 1440*1700 (per eye)

Refresh Rate: 90 Hz

Field of View: 110-degrees

Tracking: 6 DoF

Weight: 1.2 Pounds



5. Oculus Go

If you are thriving for a budget VR headset, Oculus Go should be there on your list. This might not be a high-end choice but will give you a worthy feel of VR experience.


Oculus Go offers a resolution of 1280*1440 per-eye i,e, much sharper than the first Oculus Rift and HTC Vive. Talking about movement, it is smooth even with the maximum 72Hz refreshing rate. However, the only limitation is in the motion tracking of the headset that is limited to looking around only. With a price of @200, Oculus Go is definitely your budget-friendly VR headset.


Platform: Standalone

Resolution: 1280*1440 (per eye)

Refresh Rate: 72 Hz

Field of View: 101-degrees

Tracking: 3 DoF

Weight: 1.03 Pounds

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Time to wrap it up: 

VR technology has just started, and there is a lot more to come on the horizon. If you have given this comprehension worth a read, it implies that you are searching for one good VR headset. Pin down all your requirements and go for any of the above-mentioned that suit your budget.

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