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Robust Techniques To Market Your Mobile App

Marketing is the backbone of any business to achieve rare heights. The same goes for the mobile app because they too require proper marketing to propel their standards in this competitive environment.

For a startup, marketing is one such bird that will fly high, but only if she is fed well. By feeding, it is meant that startups should be aware of the right techniques that will bolster their marketing strategies and eventually help their business grow. One of the better ways to promote mobile applications is via social media.

Why Social Media For App Promotion

The modern world is prone to the internet. Almost every individual around the globe carries the web world in their pockets. The reason behind this is the low data carrier rates and smartphone affordability.

Besides this, social media has evolved with time and has been one of the mainstays for many individuals. Therefore, opting for a channel that is destined to grab much attention is the right way to move forward.

Here, we will be discussing six robust techniques to promote an application on Social media effectively. So without any further ado, let us start.


Pump Out Engaging Content

Content is a pivotal part of any social media strategy. Content should be generic, engaging, and informative. One thing should be clear here, people use social media to be social, and for this, high-quality content is necessary. You should specify things that you want the audience to see, and your app should be strong enough to answer to their problems.

Let us understand this with an example. Suppose you have a cooking app, you can share your recipes on social media platforms that will be beneficial for people and at the same time will promote your app.

Apart from the basics, you should look into creating humorous and engaging video content that gets everyone excited about your app. A funny introduction to your app might do the trick.

Paid Ads To Your Aid

Social ads help a lot in reaching the audience in a better way. According to a survey, paid ads account for 49% of mobile app downloads. This figure is motivating, especially for those who find organic reach tough.

Maximizing your visibility by nailing your ads is a sure shot success strategy. Using paid ads are among the excellent sources for promoting your business on social media. You need to ensure that your targeting is as granular as possible, keep monitoring your analytics, and once your ads are successful, scale them by increasing your budget.


Keep A Keen Eye On Your Competitors

After knowing the mindset of your target audience and how they use social media to their advantage, it is time to research your competitors now. This research includes,

  • What are the plus and minus of their social media app marketing campaigns?
  • Are they sharing content regularly and interacting with their audience regularly.
  • What type of content is highly engaging for them and generates the most traffic?
  • Whether or not they are using paid ads. and does this really work?

The competitor’s analysis will give you a better idea of ineffective promotional activities and optimize marketing spend accordingly.


Get Help From Quora

Quora stands among the best Q&A platforms and helps you stand tall in your niche. With Quora, you can find questions relevant to your app and get some interesting answers.

It’s a vice-versa process, wherein, can answer questions of different facets using your real name or the name associated with your app. The answer you give must be solving the users’ issue, and it should be at the peak of your potential.


Add Social Features To Your App Scope

Whatever app you are working on, the most imperial thing is, it should be a significant social media app and at least comprise an e-commerce solution to be social-friendly.

Features including like, comments, instant messages, integration with major social media networks, and social connections should be induced in it. These features help a lot in boosting engagement rates, and the users can easily share content.

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Interaction With The Audience

Last but certainly not least. Once your app is up and running do not forget to interact with your audience regularly. The power of social media provokes you to turn users into brand advocates that will help you get tons of free promo.

Give yourself some spare time and interact with your audience directly by showing user-generated content on your website and social media accounts. Feedbacks that you will get from the users will help you shape your app prolifically and eventually will boost your user base strong.


Whether it’s business or a mobile app, to grab users’ attraction, promotion through the right channel is an important aspect. In a world where less than 0.01% of mobile applications achieve commercial success, the app developers should seize every opportunity to promote their apps on social media. If you haven’t started your app promotion yet, it is time to get going.

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