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6 Best Third-Party Email Apps For iOS

Emails are one of the most frustrating items we have to deal with, and yet they’re something without which we can’t work. We have to embrace the fact that emails are here to stay for the near future. And if we’re unable to get rid of emails, it’s easier to have a system that helps us to deal with emails easier and more effectively. A decent email client is one of the foundations of that framework. I have tested many email clients for both Android and iOS devices over the years, and in this article, I will share my favorite apps with you.

So, if you’re searching for the right email app, here are the 6 best email apps for iPhone you can use.

Top Email Apps for iOS

1. Drafts:

The Drafts app is easily the best email app for iOS and provides users with far more than just an email. With the Drafts app, besides taking care of your correspondence, you can make notes and edit them with ease. You get customizable edits and options in addition to emails to link your text to any app and even to tweet or type your message.

For an app like this, you can select from different productivity features that other apps seldom offer. The best part is that you can adjust the entire interface of your text just the way you want it while typing.


  • Customizable editing
  • Multiple efficiencies in one app
  • The adjustable text interface.

2. Microsoft Outlook:

Another great iPhone mail app, arranging your emails with this app is easy. Outlook’s updated edition is much more advanced, feature-rich, and a perfect offering for real-life users.

Microsoft Outlook is essential when it comes to properly manage the emails in your inbox, calling it a mobile productivity powerhouse, or the most vital app for managing your emails. A built-in analytics engine is available that adds more functionality to the application. It’s a fantastic offering that fits extremely well for Yahoo mail and iCloud email.


  • All emails in one place
  • Schedule or archive messages instantly
  • Sharing expertise with only a tap


“Nature functions in the shortest possible way,” according to Aristotle’s belief, and the case is not different from iOS Mail, so the important line that you should consider as the caption for this important email client could be: an app that does stuff as quickly as possible. And, for your Apple device, it is the most natural iPhone email program.

The app provides quick solutions that are exceptional enough for VIP senders to sort out emails. Using rich text, the emails can be written, and a variety of actions help to conclude the emails quicker. The most important advantage for users is that they get images that are beautifully rendered.


  • Hassle-free updates via push
  • Pin defense
  • The interface that can be changed

4. Spark:

It is another fantastic app that takes your shoulder off the burden of sorting the emails for you. It provides simpler ways inside a single inbox to arrange all your emails category-wise. It’s easy and also visually appealing.

In several ways, the app allows you freedom. Files from Google Drive, Dropbox, Box, and OneDrive will help you attach them. The compatibility of the program with Pocket, Evernote, is included in several additional offerings. Just like a top-notch messaging app with someone with a Thanks or a Like, the app offers a rapid chat option.


  • Dark Mode
  • Smart email categorization
  • Easily find emails

5. Email Client-Boomerang Mail:

Users get to work with accounts like Gmail, Outlook, MS Exchange, and Hotmail in this iOS mail app. Expect to get all of the software functionality you expect to get from every top email app. With Boomerang Mail, if you don’t get any reply to the text, you get alerts. By reading receipts for your e-mails, the app also provides offline help.


  • New Unified Box
  • Offline support
  • Read receipts

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6. Email by Edison:

The Edison email app, the most significant of all benefits, is also easy to set up and use. That implies that the installation is simple. This is not the only reason why I included the app in the list. Gmail, Hotmail, iCloud, Yahoo, Outlook, Exchange, and more are supported and that makes the app impressive for everyone.

Users are granted access to a single inbox that makes it easy for them to control their subscriptions. The app supports both Touch ID and 3D Touch and also helps to monitor email alerts that land directly in your inbox.


  • 3D Touch
  • Quick warnings
  • Multiple accounts support
  • Users get a single inbox


We have come a long way from a time when Apple did not allow developers to replicate the features of the built-in iOS apps in the App Store. Although the iPhone Email apps are the best yet, there is still plenty of room for additional development.

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