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Best Calculator Apps For Android

Your smartphone is your new calculator. Yes, calculator had their existence in your old JAVA phones as well, but with time and technology advancements, smartphones have taken a calculator’s utility to a whole new level.

The calculator app is one such tool that almost everyone uses in their daily life. No matter whether you are an owner of a shop, a student, or a business, a calculator does have existence for a different set of people for different purposes.

Students need scientific calculators for algebraic, mathematics, geometric calculation purposes, and many others. Meanwhile, the working people need calculators for business purposes, marketing purposes, financial calculation purposes, and even for currency conversions.

Having said that, let us now dive into some of the best calculator apps available on the Android platform ranging from basic mathematical operations to complex scientific problems. So without any further ado, let us dive in.


7 Best Calculator Apps For Easy Calculations

1. Calcu

Calcu is considered among the most popular calculator apps available for Android. Apart from the obvious basic features, this calculator includes features like,

• Calculation history

• Memory keys

• Customization features

• Various themes and gesture controls

Calcu might not be a full-fledged scientific calculator, but it incorporates enough features to separate it from the basic calculators. The app is free on Google Play Store. However, the free version features too many ads. To get rid of the ads, you can opt for a paid version that costs $1.99.

2. All in One Calculator

As the name suggests, the All in One Calculator has induced with many calculation features. It is a free app available on the Android platform that has more than 70 calculators and unit converters categorized under finance, health, construction, women, lifestyle, and normal mathematical calculations.

In the standard version of All in One Calculator, you can find percent key, negative sign, brackets, etc. On the other hand, in the advanced mode, you can find memory keys and trigonometrical functions, roots, logarithm, and exponents that are usually found in scientific calculators.

The calculator also supports unit converters such as temperature, weight, length, volume, area, and many others. It also calculates health-related numbers including Body mass index (BMI), BMR, body fat percentage, and the women calc also features pregnancy calculators for the baby due date, conception date, and current week and menstrual cycle.

3. Clevcalc

Another multipurpose calculator but offers fewer features than the All in One Calculator. Apart from general calculations, this calculator can perform conversion of all units, calculation of the reduction, currency conversions, world clock conversions, and also the GPA calculations.

The calculator is helpful for medical purposes as well. The ovulation calculator calculates ovulation time and fertility using the menstrual cycle billing date. Also, Clevcalc performs health calculations including, BMI and BMR metabolism.

4. CalcKit All-in-One Calculator

Available for free on Google Play Store, Calckit offers everything you desire from a calculator app. The app interestingly features over 150 calculators including unit converters, floating calculators, a customizable scientific calculator, complex 3D geometry solutions, and much more.

Calckit comes with an integrated notepad and an integrated search option. One of the prominent features of the app is that it is available in different languages so that people of different language preferences can easily use it.

5. GeoGebra

The GeoGebra calculator app is used for solving the graphical functions. Apart from the basic functionalities and calculations, the app performs calculus, geometry, statistics, and algebra calculations.

You can draw graphs in this app by simple drag and drop process. The app also gives you the leverage of checking real-time changes in your calculations and variables and also lets you find plot functions, polar and parametric curves.

6. Digitalchemy calculator apps

The app is a developer on Google Play Store. They have a total of three apps i.e. Calculator Plus, Fraction Calculator, and Artful Calculators.

Calculator Plus is the basic calculation app that has all the basic features there are in a calculator. The second one is the Fraction Calculator that focuses on fractions. You can make all the calculations using fractions without any need to break them into decimal form. The last one is the Artful Calculator that has all the basic features like Calculator Plus in addition to artsy themes.

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7. Scientific Calculator by CalcTastic

As the name suggests, the scientific calculator by CalcTastic is a premium scientific calculator app available for free downloads over the Android platform.

You can use this app for solving complex scientific problems easily. There is a customizable theme option that gives you a new flavor each time you open the app.

Time to wrap up: 

The above list features some of the best calculator applications that are available for free on the Android platform. If you think your default calculator application is boring or you want to change your normal calculator app anyhow, try any of the aforementioned apps as per your requirements and smartphone’s space.

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