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Mobile Apps To Improve Your Vocabulary

If you are looking forward to boosting up your vocabulary then let me tell you are not the only one. But it sometimes gets a bit hefty to enroll yourself in a course or work your way through the dictionary again and again. So to help you out the best possible way, we thought what could be better than any listing some of the best mobile apps that would help you build your vocabulary in just a matter of time.

The smartphone is one of those commodities which you have with you at all times. And again you can use it to increase and strengthen up your vocabulary without devoting an endless amount of time. You see, English is one of those languages that demand full devotion, but it doesn’t mean you have to spend endless hours learning or strengthening it.

The apps which we are about to end the list will help you to increase your vocabulary in just a couple of minutes. Now you can learn new words while drinking a cup of coffee e and chilling on your sofa.



This mobile app has to be on the number one position. We consider this app more of a learning tool and a game that allows you to either learn or retain words you choose or the words the app chooses for you. The developers of this AP claim that it follows a sophisticated algorithm in order to provide the user with customized questions and exercises on a daily basis.


2. Vocabulary Builder

The vocabulary builder could be on the next go-to vocabulary mobile app. With 5 million-plus downloads on the Play Store, it has become one of the most amazing educational mobile apps. This is a free vocabulary game that offers a daily test that helps you to learn and thousands of new words every single day. The app can easily help you improve your vocab and track your progress as you study more and more.


3. Word Of The Day

As the name suggests, the mobile apps showcases a new word every single day with its meaning which would definitely help you increase your vocabulary at a fast pace. As a matter of fact, new and relevant words are added on a daily basis with their synonyms, antonyms, and one-word substitutions. This is a must-have mobile app for those who are planning on becoming a writer or something of that sorts.


4. Word Up Vocabulary

This is probably the easiest way to learn English words and understand them deeply along with entertaining examples from movies, famous quotes, and songs which you must have seen or heard in your life at least once. The app mostly focuses on those words which are of great importance in English vocabulary. The data is compiled from thousands of movies, TV shows, and songs which makes the app quite interesting than others. The app is suitable for intermediate and advanced English learners and for those who speak English as a second language.


5 . Improve English: Vocabulary, Grammar, Flashcards

According to the developers, the app follows quite a unique algorithm that is specially designed to help you learn and improve English effectively. It also offers flashcards that make learning on the go and make things easier when it comes down to revision and reinforce what you have learned.

Other than that it also has English idioms which will definitely help you improve your writing and speaking skills. So, if you are an aspiring writer, do make sure to check out this application. The app has got great reviews and a huge number of downloads which makes it a must-try mobile application.


6. Mnemonic Dictionary

This mobile app is said to be one of the fastest vocabulary builder available on the Google Play Store. Apparently, that’s true as it includes every GRE word list that would help you ease your preparation. With the help of this application, you can learn thousands of new words faster than ever.

The app also offers regular quizzes just to help you stay on top of your vocabulary game. If you are one of those people who are preparing for competitive exams like GRE, GMAT, SAT, BCS, BANK, TOEFL, and IELTS, then don’t forget to check out the Mnemonic Dictionary.

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7. English Vocabulary Builder for GRE, SAT, and more

As the name suggests this could be the go-to vocabulary builder application for those who are preparing for competitive exams like IELTS, GMAT, GRE, and SAT. The app works quite intelligently by itself as it lets you learn words that you haven’t heard before. Just like most of the vocabulary mobile applications it also offers daily flashcards with synonyms, perfect pronunciation, and antonyms.

What makes this app better than anyone else on this list is its ability to work offline. So if you are looking for something more of a vocabulary teacher for competitive exams, so do make sure to check out this application.

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