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Learning and playing the piano can prove to be pretty challenging and needs extensive dedication and determination. Fortunately, in this upgraded virtual era you can get huge support from your smartphone. It is important to identify your actual purpose in learning piano is simply for fun or you want to practice piano to help your kids. There are a plethora of applications on the Google Play Store that can fulfill your requirements. 

Absolutely, a piano application cannot be a definite alternative for learning lessons for individuals. However, we still believe that technology cannot beat conventional one-to-one human teaching. Are you get nervous? Don’t be so! Because you can play anything if you are strongly dedicated to learn and understand anything whether it is piano or something else. In this writing, we will highlight top-notch 8 apps for learning piano. The below applications come with informative learning chapters to make it easy-going for all different kinds of users.

Top-Notch 8 Apps for learning Piano

1. Yousician

This award-winning application serves its customers a certain way to learn and understand the piano with an interactive fun attitude. This application offers the best piano lesson with thousands and more pre-installed songs. In this app, you can learn piano thoroughly by watching the pre-installed video tutorials. You can even also try to play this piano instrument to measure your pitching and tuning accuracy. You can even practice new songs and upload them. 

2. Simply Piano

If you are going to begin and want to adopt all the fundamental tips and tricks of piano, then this application would be the right choice. Your Android Smartphone is enough to operate and play this virtual piano. This piano learning software offers a wide range of famous music albums including  Chandelier, Counting Stars, Imagine, All of Me, and La La Land. This app comes in different levels, and you can select your preferred level according to your requirement.

3. Perfect Piano

Perfect Piano is a well-recognized piano learning simulator tool. This application comprises with 88-different-keys along with various modes of supports; double-row mode, single-row mode, chord mode, and dual players. This application also enables you multi-touch support that you can customize the width of the keyboard. In this application, you can get numerous in-built sound effects like Rhodes, Bright piano, Synthesisers, Musi Box, and so on. 


4. Flowkey

Flowkey is just another great example of the best piano learning application. This application consists of more than 1500 songs from different genres including jazz, classical, hip-hop, pop, rock, and others. Moreover, it enables you to cut and adopt all-new movie and game soundtracks. 

5. Piano Free

This application also counts under keyboard simulator tools and it offers interactive and enthralling music games to adopt different piano keys. Here, you are enabled to play and practice piano on famous songs by tapping keys. It not only improves your timing sense but also prepares to guess the sounds and their different tone, pitch.  

6. Piano

This single-name piano learning application is enough to practice piano for beginners on different famous songs. It has more than 1000 latest songs of famous artists like Luis Fonsi, Justin Bieber, and more. Apart from that, you can play your piano with the background instrumental sound and vocal.

7. Piano Academy

Piano Academy is a perfect application for both freshers and pro learners as it offers songs for different ages and times. Starting from popular kids’ rhymes including Twinkle Twinkle Little Star to Justin Biber’s Love Yourself and so on you can have from this app. Through this app, you can play the buttons for practice and record them for further better-expected results. This app permits you to share your practiced piano music with your friends and teachers to get an instant review.

8. Best Piano Lessons

Best Piano Lessons comes with different 88 keys on the keyboard. Hence, after learning the fundamentals, you can further play your own music. The best thing about this app is that users can learn piano without learning the core modes. It has some special highlighted keys that allow you to play special songs. Moreover, this application consists of unique features that help you to measure your accuracy and timing.

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