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Best Cell Phone Tracker Apps

The upgrades in technology are getting advanced and are accepted by people all around the globe. Smartphones, since the last decade is getting popular. It is now turning out to be the closest thing that a human being possesses. The thought of being cut off from the rest of the world and the cost involved is unbearable.

But what if you lose your smartphone?

It takes a fraction of a second to lose a device or stolen. The feeling of losing your trusted digital sidekick either through theft or honest mistake is stressful.

If the phone is lost and wondering how to track a stolen phone or a lost phone, don’t panic.

The upgrading technology has a way out for you. Smartphones do come with inbuilt ways of tracking them at such times. However, most of the apps lack some advanced features provided by some dedicated surveillance apps.

Thankfully, we are backed up by phone tracker apps. They not only track your phone but also comes with other necessary features.

The Best 8 Cell Phone Tracker Apps:

Phone Tracker

1. Where’s My Droid

It is one of best in the list to get back your stolen or misused devices. Tracking things with apps sometimes get difficult and confusing but in this, the app raises the volume of the ringtone to get back your stuff easily. In some cases, the device is not in the range to get sound then the app helps by sending the GPS coordinates with a link to Google maps. The app gives the password protection and consumers less battery. Some of its features that make it easy and useful to use are GPS flare that acts as a location alert on low battery, remotely lock device, passcode protection to prevent unauthorized app changes.

2. iSharing

This app is double beneficial because it not only helps you find your lost stuff but also keeps a track on your loved ones. The app helps to communicate and visualize the real-time location of the member in the group and gives their location history. Some of the notable features of the app are: chatting with the members, alerts of the current location, panic alert, and works like a walkie-talkie.

3. Find My Device

The apps name “Find My Device” clears everything in the first place. It helps you find your lost device with some more interesting features. After getting the current location of the device, it performs a factory setting in the device that protects your data from being leaked. It contains a proper map with the correct location of the vital landmarks and other crucial places such as malls, airports, stadiums. A few of its best features are locks the device with a custom message & contact number. It even works in the silent mode.

It tracks the network and battery status, displays outdoor as well as indoor maps.

4. FamiSafe

The next to hit the list is FamiSafe, it is one of the best phone surveillance apps that lets you track the iPhone and Android phones. The app will provide you access to the smartphone’s GPS location and comes with other impressive features. However, for iPhones, FamiSafe requires a jailbreaking process if you want advanced tracking features. The same applies to android if you are looking to accomplish more than track your phone. Some of its best features are real-time alerts to signs of cyberbullying, flexible keywords warning adding, suspicious photos detection, option to mark geo-fencing zones.

5. Track View

A remarkable surveillance app that is highly secured. Why secured? Well, the app not only tracks your lost devices, but the free phone tracker app also allows users to keep a close eye on sensitive installations. In case of an emergency, the app can send instant alerts or remote buzz. Some of the notable features are real-time tracking of devices, supports sending messages, IP Cam for video, motion & sound detection.

6. Life 360

With the features and functionalities, we can call Life360 as an all-in-one location tracking app. The phone location trackers apps work flawlessly on all devices. The user can keep all the loved ones in the loop with its location-feature. As compared to the other apps, Life360 offers better safety features. In case of an emergency, the app can automatically call for an ambulance and send notifications to emergency contacts. Some of the best features that the app incorporates are the option to create private groups, notification for arrival, and departure of private group members, group chat for better communication.

7. Glympse

It is another excellent app to share real-time location using GPS tracking. The users also have the option to create in-app groups for better safety and security. The one feature that sets this lost phone finder apart from other similar apps is that once the location is shared, the other person can view the map even without the installation of the Glympse app. Some of the features are share location in real-time with a dynamic map. It also directs emergency and roadside personnel and provides a courtesy notice with ETA.


8. Cocospy

The last app that hits this list is Cocospy. It is a phone surveillance app that lets you track your lost or stolen phone. The app is trusted by millions of users all across the world and boasts positive reviews. The surveillance feature incorporated lets you track the location of your lost phone and access the content of the phone remotely.


There are a lot of cell phone tracking apps that are available in the app stores. The apps included in the list are well-established and provides immense service and comes of great utility. All the apps mentioned above have positive reviews of its users.

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