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Best React Native Apps Across Platforms

People, in general, may not be familiar with the term React Native. But, they are using the React Native apps in the day to day chores. The comprehension is all about react-native apps, but before dwelling in the compilation, let me brief you about the concept.

Facebook originated React Native is the next generation of React, a JavaScript library. In 2013, it became open-source and quickly earned the trust of companies and developers all around the globe.

React-Native offers immersive features for the users to help them get acquainted. Below are some of them,

  • Faster development
  • Code Reuse
  • Focus on User Interface
  • Less time to learning

There are more than a thousand React Native Apps available for both iOS and Android platforms. Here, we have compiled some of the best react-native apps across platforms that are widely popular too. So, without wasting any further time, let us get started with the compilation.


8 Best React Native Apps


Facebook Ads Manager

The creator of React Native should start the list in any case. The Facebook Ads Manager is a cross-platform application created with react native. The objective of Facebook was to create an app for people advertising on Facebook and enable them to manage their accounts and create new ads.

The talented and hard-working team of Facebook managed to build the iOS app in 5 months, and just 3 months later, they released the Android version. The app is characterized by,

  • Fast loading
  • Smart Navigation
  • Perfectly operating animations



Skype’s latest Android version is equipped with React Native. Additionally, the Microsoft team open-sourced the library, developed along the way, and named it ReactXP. They stated a “thin abstraction layer built upon and bridging React JS and React Native.”

The app is characterized by,

  • Better performance as it offers fast booting and the application runs faster than the previous version.
  • More facilities options like the ability to share GIFs in conversions, and react to messages.



Pinterest is another social media platform that comes with react-native. It has 175 million monthly active users that allow them to post different images, photos, infographics from other websites as well. The app has integrated React Native for both iOS and Android versions.

The initial implementation on iOS took 10 days, and 2 days after, the platform was launched for Android as well. The integration of React Native resulted in,

  • The RN-based version offers a Topic Picker view that is delivered to the end-users. This view is displayed to Pinners after signing up and is a crucial part of their onboarding process.
  • Business Signup flow built on RN.
  • Pinterest is looking ahead to explore more opportunities in the React Native Field and also evolving its foundation in the company.


Discovery VR

Perhaps the pinnacle of investigation and scientific channels, Discovery is also engulfed with React Native technology.

The Discovery VR app can visit the most captivating places and experience natural emotions through its virtual reality concept. With React Native, Discovery VR,

  • Delivers 360-degree views that might be reinforced by a VR headset.
  • RN enabled the developers to built-in gyroscope and player using the native APIs.



We all are familiar with Instagram as it has become a part of our daily lives. Little did people know that before being seized, Instagram got built as a native app. That meant engineers were building multiple native apps for each type of phone.

However, ever since Facebook took over, they chose to let go of some native functionality for ease of development and release.- This also meant that all Instagram features got transformed to React Native within a couple of months. Now, Instagram comes with new features frequently that lead to better engagement and satisfaction.



With the help of React Native, Bloomberg has been providing easy-to-access highly personalized content to its user interactively.

Prior to React Native, the code used to refresh automatically, which led to the release of the new product features swiftly. The app is available for both iOS and Android platforms.



The eCommerce leader Walmart always focus on offering the best customer experience. To allow the developers to go for regular changes, Walmart uses React Native, and so far, the change has been effective.

With React Native, the developers were able to share 96% of the codebase between the two platforms (iOS and Android), enabling Walmart to use their skills better. The mobile application has bolstered the performance for the users magnificently.



Uber EATS soon realized the fact that most of its users are mobile-based. Therefore, they were quick to switch to React Native to change their approach.

With React Native, the developers can utilize native functionalities of the users’ mobile platforms. -This has enhanced the overall user experience for restaurant owners and elevated app downloads and reviews.

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Time to wrap up: 

React Native apps are the need of the hour now. A successful mobile app can transform your business and take it to new heights. The list is only a suggestive one, as many other applications have opted for React Native to succeed in this long run.

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