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In the present time, phases of mobile app development life cycle is not a difficult process. Every business sector is making a successful mobile App to reach their target audience. But the success of an app needs good pre-planning. If you fail in the initial stage then your app idea will automatically fail in the market.

There has been a dramatic increase in the mobile app market in the past decade. There are millions of applications in the Apple and Google store. In such a tough competition, you need to focus on the phases of mobile app development life cycle to make your app a unique one. Through it is a basic concept but it is really important to understand the concept.

8 Phases Of Mobile App Development Life Cycle

Phase of Mobile App Development

1. Pre-planning

a. Create a clear written definition of your app idea

b. Do market research


2. Prototyping

a. Create mental prototyping in the form of sketches

b. Connect with the development team


3. Technical feasibility assessment

a. Check the visuals that support the app functionality

b. Determine for which platform you are developing the app


4. Building a prototype

a. Use rough wireframes.

b. Take the feedback of stakeholders and get implement changes


5. Design the app and prepare for development

a. Create the interaction architecture of the design elements for the app

b. Check visual direction and blueprints for the final product


6. Build app with agile methodology

a. Agile practices allow you to make necessary changes

b. Add new features


7. Test the mobile app

a. Perform UAT test

b. Make your app accessible for a beta trial to check bugs


8. Launch

a. Submit the app

b. Check for updates


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While developing an app keep one thing in mind that submitting the app in the store is not the end. The actual task starts after the app launch. You need to check the app for regular updates and features after the mobile application development lifecycle. In general, the phases of mobile app development life cycle begins after the app launch in the market. To update your app at regular intervals you need to connect with a reliable team of experts.

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