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Best Employee Recognition Apps

Appreciation is a dire need of employees apart from the monetary structure especially for those who are lending 8-12 hours of their daily lives for an organization. Generous salary structures and throughout benefits packages are crucial for organizations to attract new and retain their existing top talent. These things should go in parallel with a hefty salary structure, otherwise, employees’ morale might suffer and eventually the organization.

After having a good insight on these issues, many app development companies have come up with employee recognition apps. For those who are unaware of what employee recognition software does, it assists with keeping employees feeling engaged, motivated, and appreciated at work. A little expression of attitude could come in handy for the long run in enhancing employee’s workplace efficiency and also boost the overall quality of work.

The market has resurfaced many employee recognition apps to address these issues and at the same time organized the management process in a contrasting and compelling manner.

Top Employee Recognition Apps

Employee Recognition

Below, I have compiled some of the best employee recognition apps available.

1. GiveAWow – Employee App

Built by TerryBerry bulletin board platform, GiveAWow is equipped with brilliant interactive functionality and intuitive social options, lets employees give virtual high-fives to one another.

Apart from this, a virtual point system helps employees earn credits for Billboard digital music downloads too which helps in keeping them motivated.

Eminent features

  • Instant thanks after the successful completion of a task.
  • Achievements are praised.
  • Appreciation exchanged between the co-workers (Peer recognition)
  • Connects people to accomplish organizational goals.
  • Reviews and feedback for team behavior and individual performance.

Available on both Android and iOS platforms.

2. Bonusly – Employee Recognition App

An app that allows employees to brace and reward each other for achieving their target goals.

Bonusly comes with an interesting feature that lets employees allot their workers a predetermined monthly point allowance. Once these points are allotted, employees then distribute these points to teammates and co-workers as they see fit, rewarding successful projects, and the people who deserve it. The collected points are converted into dollars and can be spent by any of the gift cards available in the app.

Eminent features

  • Custom reports.
  • Establish all kinds of rewards and reports.
  • Timely recognition.
  • Advanced data reporting.

Available on both Android and iOS platforms.

3. TapMyBack – Employee Recognition App

Rated highly on both Android and IOS, TapMyBack is surely among the best employee recognition apps. It provides peer recognition across the organization which helps employees get recognition for the hard work they have put on in achieving goals.

Apart from the benefits which employers get, the managers get a full-proof work reports and analysis of the employees. TapMyBack also assimilates with Slack for more agile and effective office connectivity.

Eminent Features

  • Social recognition, feedback from employees and managers, news feeds.
  • Slack integration.
  • Real-time feedback.
  • Real-time peer-to-peer recognition.

Available on both Android and iOS platforms.

4. Kudos – Employee Recognition App

This one is a corporate social network recognition app which has a system designed for peer-to-peer recognition. It allows collaboration, communication, appreciation, and recognition among the organization in a flexible, scalable, and effective manner.

Eminent features

  • Send and receive private feedback.
  • Provides different levels of meaningful recognition.
  • Allows you to communicate and collaborate with your peers.
  • Redeem Kudos points for rewards.

Available on both Android and iOS platforms.

5. Workhuman – Recognition of Employees

At the amateur level when companies are seeking to enhance their level of employee recognition, Workhuman provides them the best option.

The app helps recognize colleagues, redeem and manage awards, manage performance, and approve nominations while on the go.

Eminent features

  • Keeps a check on the latest recognition activities.
  • One can easily Request or give feedback.
  • Approve award nominations.
  • Redeem for gift cards.
  • Add priorities aligned to tasks.

Available on both Android and iOS platforms.

6. Teamphoria – Employee App

With 1k+ downloads and rated highly with 4.6 stars, Teamphoria is surely one of the brightest apps of its genre when it comes to peer-to-peer recognition.

It is accessible via Linkedin, Google, or Facebook account, wherein, the co-workers can show their gratitude to each other with a digital message.

Eminent features

The four pillars which set Teamphoria apart from others are;

  • Performance reviews and goal setting.
  • An uninterrupted flow of communication.
  • Peer-to-Peer recognition.
  • Custom and culture baseline surveys.

Available on both Android and iOS platforms.

7. Achievers – Employee Recognition App

Achievers are recognized as a cloud-based platform wherein one can engage, align, and recognize with colleagues with a tap on the screen, anytime, anywhere.

The app also grants a reporting function that aids managers in understanding worker’s behavior and gets a brief about their teams’ overall performance.

Eminent Features

  • Sending and receiving recognitions.
  • Tools for employee management.
  • Achievers analytics system.
  • Connecting with colleagues.
  • Social employee recognition.

Available exclusively on the Android platform.

8. 360 Recognition – Employee Engagement Mobile App

This is another one from TerryBerry, but this time, the makers have opted for a cloud-based employee engagement solution with 360 Recognition.

It focuses on providing solutions to manage and monitor employee rewards programs. The app comes with a plug and plays module which covers multiple ranges of recognition programs including incentive programs, collection of customer feedback, and much more.

Eminent features

  • Gives reward points.
  • Workplace Analytics.
  • Data management.
  • Automated notifications.

Available exclusively on the Android platform.

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9. Great Work: Reward and Recognition

Having gained immense popularity on the Android platform with over 50k downloads, Great Work is a reward and recognition app developed by O.C. Tanner.

The application tends employees to send messages to each other, receive and share distinctions via social media like Twitter and Facebook. With its ability to send recognition, employers can easily track and celebrate employee milestones that can eventually thrive in the work culture.

Eminent features

  • Approve nominations.
  • Focuses on individual and team victories.
  • Shop for awards.
  • Tracks performances, skills, and individual development.
  • Send recognition after syncing with the organization’s employees.

Available on both Android and iOS platforms


Whether it’s Android or IOS, there are plenty of Employee recognition apps to choose from for the organizations’ reward management that are seeking to infuse motivation in their existing employees to excel and boost the morale of the newcomers.

Little efforts always help you grow through hardships, and with employee recognition apps, organizations should look forward to a better good of their employees which will eventually help them go places.

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