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Best Customization Apps For Android

We all want our smartphones to look cool, not only from the outside but from the inside as well. – This could only happen with customization, in fact, one of the primary reasons for opting for Android over iOS is the ability to customize apps.

Customizing your device gives it a whole new look. From pixel-by-pixel, you can look for customizing your device with the use of different apps. In this comprehension, we will be discussing some of the most popular customization apps for Android that you should be knowing. So without any delay, let us start with the compilation.


Top 10 Customization Apps For Android


Nova Launcher

Launcher apps always give an interesting flavor to your smartphone. With Launcher apps, you can change icons, wallpapers, menus, and much more.

Nova Launcher also works on the same principle as other launcher apps and could be downloaded for free from the Google Play Store. The app offers some of the most attractive features in its facet, like notification and gesture optimization that requires a paid version costing $4.99.



Walli is a freemium application that gives you access to the best wallpaper collections in almost every style. There is a playlist feature as well that lets you select a group of your favorite pictures that will be used in a loop automatically. The free version comes with ads, and to remove it, you need to buy the paid version.



Wallpapers, themes, music, ringtones, etc Zedge offers everything you look forward to customizing your phone. Check out the interesting video wallpapers as well, along with the latest and popular ringtones list. Zedge offers both free and paid content wherein you can pay monthly and remove ads.



Looking for an app to enhance your phone’s keyboard? Swiftkey is the perfect app to reb=novate your keyboard with a variety of captivating themes. Swiftkey changes the color and the overall look of the keyboard, apart from providing different yet useful features. Besides, you can even use your own photos to create a customized keyboard theme.


Smart Launcher

Apart from Nova Launcher, this is another launcher on the list. Smart Launcher as the name suggests, is smart in its approach, and excels in its support for changing up widgets and wallpapers, individual icons, as well as customizing every other aspect of the Android interface smoothly. The app is available both for free and paid. Its paid versions costs around $2.99.



The next app to make the list is PowerLine. The app helps in making your Android device look different. PowerLine enables users to add CPU, Battery, Memory, Signals, and Wi-Fi indicators on the status bar. You can even choose the side of the screen where you want to show the indicators.


Power Shade

Power Shade is among the best customization apps available for Android. The app helps in making your notification drawer look appealing by fully customizing the drawer with color change, adding new features, setting up a quick reply, etc.


Color Status Bar

Color Status Bar is a new customization app that has made it to the Google Play Store. As the name suggests, the app allows users to customize the status bar by adding color, gradients, frames, etc. The users can also add GIFs to the status bar to make it more attractive. Color Status Bar works on both rooted and non-rooted Android smartphones available for free download.



If you are in the search of an Android application that can customize your navigation bar with ease, Stylish is the app to rely upon. Stylish can change the color of your navigation bar to sync with the currently active app. Also, users can change the navigation button icons, switch colors, and swap backgrounds too. Stylish provides a custom weather gadget as well that can be added to the home screen.



Updating wallpapers on your smartphone is the easiest way to customize your device. With Resplash, finding eye-catchy wallpapers has become even easier. Resplash takes you into a popular library of free imagery where you can find high-quality immersive images of your liking. Now applying a high-quality wallpaper to customize your device is just a few taps away, courtesy of Resplash. The app is available for free download on Google Play Store.


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Time to wrap up: 

So here it is, 10 of the best customization apps for Android. Now customize your device in your own style with the aid of the aforementioned apps. In case we have missed any of your favorite customizable apps, let us know in the comment section.

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