Saturday, February 4, 2023
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Instead of using third-party platforms like Twitch and YouTube, now artists will be able to live-stream their process directly through Adobe. The company announced at its annual Adobe Max creativity conference that Adobe is developing live-streaming features that are built directly into its own Creative Cloud apps. This feature gives the user the option to go live and share a link, so anyone can come, watch your work, and leave a comment.

Chief Product Officer Scott Belsky also compared the experience directly to twitch, but with an educational element that could filter videos for the users who want to learn how to use definite tools.

When you see a live stream of someone else in your products then you eagerly want to know that which tool they are using, when they use the tool, and when they stop using the tool, it’s almost like a form of the waveform of video. But visualize a waveform related to which tools people are using, and imagine being able to source all live streams that have never been done in specific product, by using a specific tool, and to be able to learn how people are doing something, Belsky told The Verge.


Adobe Adding a Live streaming Function Features

You can now catch artists tampering away on platforms like Twitch and YouTube; their broadcasts are more often than not geared towards completing an individual work rather than teaching their audience the better points of their skills. Adobe recently features artists on Adobe Live, a live stream that is available on YouTube and Behance for online viewers to watch artists at work. Live streams can often run as long as three hours, and the company says that the average watch time on any video on Adobe live is more than 66 minutes. Some of the streams also show a tool timeline, seen above in the news, which tracks which tools were used throughout the workflow of artists.
Sneaking a glance at the behind the scenes workflow of your favorite artists is one thing, supposing them to stop and explain definite steps on command is an entirely different beast. That is accurately where Adobe hopes its latest feature will come.

The live-streaming feature of the Adobe aims to be more useful than just watching a video on YouTube. Designers say that they learned by sitting next to designers, not by going to school as much to learn design. We just need to empower that on a massive scale, Belsky says. It also creates products viral.

Besides, taking real-time questions from viewers it also trying to learn more, self-employed designers and editors could work to live with their clients and include feedback suddenly. It also helps that Adobe itself doesn’t come out with empty-handed, it also makes the product viral, Belsky added.

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