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Adobe first opens its Photoshop for iPad app last year, promising a desktop-level experience for iPad users. Today, at its annual conference in Los Angeles, California, the company has finally launched the app on Apple’s app store. Adobe has also announced an illustrator for the iPad, Fresco for windows, and a brand new Photoshop Camera app that just uses the Company’s Sensei technology. Besides, Adobe has announced a swing of updates to its Creative Cloud portfolio.

Adobe Aero

This year, it seems that Adobe is making a big bet on artificial intelligence to drive its next-generation mobile apps and services. In 2018, Adobe unveiled Project Aero in private beta, as an attempt to build a next-gen augmented reality and content delivery tool for mobile devices. Today, the company has declared the public availability of Aero as a free app for iOS and iPadOS devices. Adobe Aero is a portion of the company’s Creative Cloud platform that enables just about anyone to create AR experiences without any coding. The company declared that it received active participation amongst its community of users.


Adobe Big Bets Are on AR and Mixed Reality Software
Photoshop for iPad

Photoshop for the iPad takes full PSD compatibility on a whole new platform for content creators. With this new app, Adobe is approaching the desktop Photoshop experience to a new generation of young mobile users who would prefer to create content on the go. The app mainly focuses on compositing workflows, blending images while offering a workspace that looks familiar to the desktop version of the app. The app is very well tuned to work fine with large files consisting of hundreds of layers, says Adobe.

Adobe Fresco for Windows

In September this year, Adobe launched its Fresco painting app for the iPad as a free app for creative cloud subscribers. The company is now taking the app to the Windows platform. Initially, Fresco will be available on Microsoft’s Surface Pro X and Wacom Mobile Studio devices. The windows edition of the app carries nearly all the features you’ve seen on the iPad version, including the Company’s Sensei technology. As for the pricing, Adobe Fresco will be available with Creative Cloud plans or as a single app for $9.99 per month. A free version of the app is also available on Windows.

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Adobe Photoshop Camera app

In its 2019 meeting, Adobe releases its upcoming Photoshop Camera mobile app that promises to take the usual Photoshop ‘magic’ to mobile users openly within the camera interface. Photoshop Camera app is introduced for social media users who want an easier way to edit and share photos on various platforms. At the heart of the app is Adobe’s Sensei technology that expands artificial intelligence to automatically enhance photo quality. The app will also have several lenses and effects built by artists and influencers. Photoshop Camera app is also accessible in preview mode for iOS and Android users, with general availability expected next year.

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