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Mobile apps are changing the scenario of the mobile app development industry. There are millions of apps that are residing in the app stores of both the giants i.e. Google and Apple. It is because of the growth of smartphones and its usage by the ever-growing users.

The apps on the app stores cover various vectors and provide the usage and services to many industries. Among those vectors, we have our education section.

Over the past few decades, the influence of technology upon children and education has been immense. There are over 62,000 education-related apps that are available in the app stores.

Today’s students are getting benefits from the mobile technology and mobile apps have proved that education isn’t bound to the classroom, it has put the education into the pockets of learners.

The mobile technology has unlocked a cluster of information i.e. now students have information on the web from anywhere. This reduces the chances of visiting the library and searching for data.

There are a lot of applications at the app stores and selecting the right one for your child can change the way they look at the process of learning. Educational apps are making things easier for students to understand and It is not just for kids between the ages 3-10. The apps are helping students irrespective of their age. Books are found to be tiring and boring for children while replacing them with colorful pages and lively animations can make learning fun to the core.


As per the traditional methods, it is expected to carry a satchel of books and notebooks and indulges in the methods of writing while learning. The results show that not every student can acquire knowledge while writing for notes.

Well, now there are upgradations in the traditional methods. Schools and colleges have involved with the aid of education mobile app development focuses on the overall development of the students.

The traditional methods can be expressed as boring and time taking and not every student can be great in understanding it.


The education research scholars are coming with new methods to disseminate knowledge. The need of the hour is to make students focus on their subject-oriented studies.

Here are a few of the advantages of using mobile apps in education:

  • Enhanced classroom experience

Learning with a mobile app can definitely enhance the classroom experience by granting them the control of aspects of their education. They can look up to the answers and access supplemental content.

For instance, a student can go through the lecture as many times as they want. This will help the slow learners to focus on the subject without external help.

  • Maximize time usage

Students are always cheerful and mostly waste their time in activities unrelated to learning. E-learning apps are made for students to use their time for educational purposes in a fun way rather than wasting it on TV, internet surfing and more. E-books recorded lectures or complete online homework assignments. By providing the students the control to learn, they can make most of their time.

  • Improvise tech skills

Technical skills are the basis of our lives now and e-learning apps can easily help students to develop their tech skills. For instance- an e-learning app can inculcate relevant tech skills without students even recognizing that they’re learning that can be the foundation for future IT work.

  • Turning learning to fun

The E-learning apps can be fun as with the graphics and user-engaging content, it’s easy to convert learning to the fun. Gamification has always been a great way to build student engagement and help them remain in school. Even difficult topics are fun when presented in game form. With the help of competition and rewards, apps can turn the competition from learning to the fun.

  • Focused learning

Though learning is fun with apps mobile apps in the education industry can help many students by delivering focused learning. Suppose, in a class of 25-40 students, it becomes tough for a teacher to handle especially with bank benchers having the time of their life. The teacher focuses on many students at a time while the app focuses only on one user at a time.

  • Video-oriented learning

In today’s digital world, videos are the new books and sources of information. Access to video editing apps and software allows students to create engaging video projects. Such projects generate interests and keep the students focused on learning new ways.

  • Effective communication

There occurs a lot of time when each student doesn’t get ample time to discuss his/her rights with the teacher. Mobile apps for education make it easy for both the students and the teachers to connect and discuss the problems. Announcements and instructions can be delivered in real-time around the clock. Apps can be even in eff-hours.

  • Automatization of boring parts

The best thing about mobile apps is it saves you from the boring parts of education, record-keeping activities like attendance, homework, and assignment instructions. Apps can function the easy flow of process so students can check-in and instructors may deliver information.

  • Ecologically friendly

The apps make a paperless economy, that results in the benefits in the environment. Students nowadays are concerned and e-learning helps is the friendlier way to learn. A lot of cutting down of trees will be saved when students will be more inclined to mobile education apps.  Online forms can be used to submit homework rather than printed worksheets.

  • Parent-teacher communication

The ideal concept of frequent parent-teacher interactions does not always get rightly executed as either one of the parties is likely busy or had to handle other parents too. Education apps allow teachers to attend the queries through calls and provides transparency to foster the child’s growth.


Education apps are the future of our education system. Gradually, they have stepped in and laid a foundation. Moreover, mobile app development company are focusing on education apps as it is likely to generate more revenue than other apps.

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