Tuesday, February 7, 2023
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Gaming is going to be the next big obsession in the technology domain. Google, Apple, and Microsoft have already released their gaming services for people. Now, another big tech giant is prepared to enroll in this arena. Some report shows that Amazon is planning to roll out its own cloud-based gaming service and it will be released as soon as next year.

The sources close to the material told CNET, which Amazon is going to roll out AWS (Amazon Web Services), based game streaming solution in 2020. The Seattle-based technology giant has initiated recruiting individuals from big gaming organizations, for example, Microsoft to allow it alongside its new proposal that will be a part of its AWS group.


One of the profession listings first exposed by ‘The Verge’ is for the Principal Product Leader post for a “new Amazon Web Service Gaming plan”. “We are an AWS team infatuated with serving game developers transform the way they manufacture and run their games, serving them bring their concepts to market quicker and at a lesser cost. We intend to address the challenge of game development for users of any scale. Our solutions are utilized by Indie developers working on Smartphone games, as well as few of the major studio’s structure triple-A titles for PCs and consoles,” job depiction for the post states.

If this information is indeed right, Amazon’s cloud-based gaming service could lock the heels along with Google Stadia, the Pro or paid version that was made a debut prior this week for a month to month subscription charges of $9.99 (Rs 718 approx). The organization is scheduled to release the free, ad-supported Stadia Base soon.
Moreover, the report indicates that Amazon will roll-out to integrate its new gaming idea with Twitch that is a live-streaming video platform, which allows gamers to stream their games for different users to watch as they play. This addition is likely to provide Amazon an aggressive benefit over other gaming services and enable it to sway more users towards its side.

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More than that, Amazon hasn’t stated its complete plans for its cloud-based gaming service until now. This implies that it could either provide a Stadia-like solution, wherein customers have to buy individual games with a monthly subscription charge for a 4K as well as 60fps streaming quality or it may charge a month to month subscription fee and let users play unlimited number of games they need. However, we should wait for an official announcement from the organization to know its plans in detail.

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